Testimonials Crictrophy.com
Testimonials Crictrophy.com

Client testimonials:

Suresh Kumar G
"Scheduling or the Fixtures Generator tool is not available for the Organizers.
Request that feature to be part of the Website will be a great compliment.
Thank you

Suresh Kumar
Saudi Arabia"

Champions League Cricket, Bangalore
Website is designed User friendly but sometimes the site goes down and cannot access it. And we do not havr access to change max 4's and catches, so by any chance we enter wrong data later that cannot be changed. Please try fixing it. Overall the site is very good.

Champions League Cricket, Kathmandu
Crictrophy is what I feel the best tournament manager. I have used other websites too but that seem to boring or laggy. Crictrophy look promising though.
What I have felt lacking is the option of tags in news. Like if I am writing news about a team, I should be able to tag that team and when I visit that team, It displays that news. And also the recent team results.
I know maybe it isn't that easy to do.but having it will certainly make it better and way ahead than other. Thank you for creating such a brilliant platform

Amazing app
Will keep on my mobiles always

Golden Jubilee Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament, Pune
Saurabh Deshpande

"Excellent portal to record statistics of Cricket Tournament. Well maintained as well. As a critic however, here are some pointers which can help take CricTrophy to a higher level - 1) Addition of Scoring Live Games
2) Addition of Criteria to select Man-of-the-Series
Overall, a great experience."

Devang Parikh

"Crictrophy is the best tournament management website that I came across the net. Its online and mobile app feature is smooth and property designed. And the best part is its free and I support the advertisements to promote further development of the Crictrophy. some communication features can be added like SMS and email notifications to the players. Photograph size limits should be increased"

TMBS Retention Cricket League, Mumbai

Very good initiative, keep it up

BCCPL 2016, Raleigh, NC
Sudhakar Asaithambi

"It is very helpful to manage and maintain the tournament's activities. It would have been so much better if there is any app for scoring. We were managing everything in the excel sheet but now it is in good format with many features. everyone is so happy. they are not waiting for us to send the score card since we are updating it here.

Thank you much! "

Eusub Ansar


Parakram Rajkonwar

Very usefull website , but need more flexibility regarding calculation of run rate and average of each player and each team Well designed web portal for online live scoring of Cricket tournament.
Thanks crictrophy

Achievers Corporate Cricket League, HAL, Hyderabad
Sai kumar

Its a great site bt what I believe is if u have live scoring feature added that should have been great.

DplT2O Homes of cricket DoONIpAwA, Gdc anantnag, Anantnag
Mohammad Hussain bhat

"From the core of my heart I'm really really n my whole team and all team partcipants near 230player's are thankful to it has amazing features love to be the part of this and the way you people are helping n ur kind attitude all of u deserve hatss off salute you n big thanks for the team who created logo for we people may Allah guide YOU towards your goal believe me this is best one thing I must say you people should provide us sports goods like uniforms all that sports goods with our own wishes like logo of our team Thanks to oll of u Love u so much"

US Master League Cricket Academy, Atlanta, Georgia
Narsingh Bhajan

I have not had any responses or enquiries so I think this is not where I should be as far as US cricket issues are concerned. Thanks

Indian Grameen Cricket Tournament, Jhansi
Mahendra Kumar Raikwar

Indian Grameen Cricket Tournament is a rural cricket tournament for devlop rural players. This become for his devlopment in cricket.

Rao Rajput Cricket Championship 2015, Banswara
Dharmendra Singh Rao

Excellent site. likes this

CPL, Gandhingar
Ajay Dewani

We have found crictrophy a very useful online score management website which also maintains the overall statistics of tournament and players. It would be good to implement the points table and net runrate automatically, which we need to enter manually.

CIL, SMYRNA, Georgia.
Baskar Innasi Arockiasamy

Score sheet entry is little complex and there is no place holder to make the entry for extras for the bowler.

Sydney Premiere League, Sydney.
Ahmed Chaion

really good initiative. Would be great if I can log in to the app using my account. Thanks

IT-Premier League 2015, Doha.
Mohammad Pangarkar, Doha, Qatar

Amazing work. It is really nice to get such a great service for free. Whole tournament concept is also nice and very easy to manage

PSL BoomBoom ( Division B ), Kuwait.
Yasir Shabbir, PSL Group, Kuwait.

Great website and support for all cricket lovers. Why you didnot update points & runrate automatically. In top Profimice please try to genrate most 4's & most 6's also. Great work

Rustic Cricket Tourney, Rochester.
Vijay, Rustic Cricket Tourney, Rochester, NY.

The portal is great. I have one suggestion about Teams management and scoring.. It would be great if you could add a feature to import the list from delimited text file or xls etc.. it saves lot of time.. Thanks, VJ

Narendar Reddy, RAVIRYAL, Hyderabad.

thank u very much for being a part of our tounament....hope for many more such events..... suggestion:apart from top performers please see that all the stats can be seen such as tournament boundaries,sixes,runs........ it was great experience working with u guys.....thanku once again.....

Compre Premier League, Carapichaima.
Zaheer Abass, East Mucurapo Secondary, Carapichaima.

I love how easy it is to do anything on this site. It's perfect for rookie managers or seasoned pros and I love the way it connects you to the world

Youth Cricket Championship, Delhi.
Youth Cricket Federation Of India , Delhi.

Hello Sir

I joined your site almost a week ago. Its a great website. I can say that this site is up there with some of the leading cricket websites like crickinfo and crickarchive. Its a great platform for every organizer to motivate players through your site as the players feel like professionals. All in all this is a great website. i will rate it 8.5 out of 10. I have a simple suggestion. The news section is a great thing to update a short summary but the limitation of words is not enough. Its like 2000 words. If possible , please expand it to 10000 atleast. rest is fine.

Thanks and have a great day

Phailin Cricket League, Bangalore.
Lingaraj Bhuyan, Phailin Cricket Team, Bangalore.

Its a great experience I am having in crictrophy. Except few things all looks perfect.

1. Stats for all players should display
2. Certain radio buttons are not functioning properly. (Is Captain, Is Weeketkeeper)

Shakeel Ahsan, ZonG, Rawalpindi, Punjab.
Tournament: ZonG Cricket Championship 2015, Rawalpindi, Punjab.

Best Cricket Management Webbie on the internet.

Surya Ambati, Indian Society of Western Australia, Perth.
Tournament: ISWA Cricket League, Perth.

Excellent website and outstanding support.

Anil, PNR Corporate Cricket Tournament, Hyderabad.
Tournament: PNR Corporate Cricket Tournament, Hyderabad.

This is a very useful site for Organizers like us. Everything as required. Very useful to make the participating teams and their players keep up to date about the tourney. The mobile app is also a very good addition to check any news or updates etc. on the go.

However the Points Section has always been an issue when we need to generate the points and Avg automatically. need to look into it.

Thanks for the Site...

Surya Pratap Singh, Shri Madhav Rao Scindia Cricket Tournament, Vidisha.
Tournament: Shri Madhav Rao Scindia Cricket Tournament, Vidisha.

Your website is too good.

I just want to know how many user are engaged with our tournament. Increase in HITS or downloads of app.


with Regards
Surya Pratap Singh


please conduct the cricket tournaments for engineering colleges teaching staff also thanking you

Ajay Dewani, Cybage Premier League, Gandhingar.

Overall the experience of web application is good.

But there are couple of suggestions:
1. it would be good if points table is be updated automatically on basis of match results and groups in which teams are divided.
2. It would be good if .application generates the top performers (i.e. highest wicket takers or hightest run scorers)

Sudheer Varma, UK Telugu Association (UKTAS), London.
Tournament: UKTA T20 Cricket Tournament 2014

Firstly we would like to thank CRICTROPHY for the services. We had very good experience and features provided and we were able to maintain tournament records, statistics.

Thanks for the response in terms of providing support and feedback or any new features that are added in system

Wish them a very good luck for future and hope to see them successful.

Huzaifa Vasanwala, Saifee Burhani Sports Club, Mumbai.
Tournament: SB T-10 (3RD EDITION) cricket tournament

It was a funtastic journey thru our tournament and it was a boon to have Crictrophy system for us. Crictrophy made it possible for us to reach to thousand of online users for live scores, update and news about the ongoing tournament.

We thank each and every member of crictrophy team and special thanks to Raju for special 24/7 support. We have achieved a phenomenal success and wish the same to you and your organisation.

I am sure we would require your support for the competition in coming years, and would like to also contribute towards further improvement of the software and features of the crictrophy system wherever possible.

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