UKTA T20 Cricket Tournament 2014
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UKTA T20 Cricket Tournament 2014 |
UKTA T20 Cricket Tournament 2014-UKTA T20 Cricket Tournament 2015( Yet to start ) All Seasons

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Winners : Wise Men Club Runners Up: Power Warriors 3rd Pla ...

Prize Distribution E ...

Prize Distribution E ...


Prize Distribution Event for Cricket Teams and Players on 7t ...

Semi Finals

Semi Finals


Wise Men Club and Blue Caps played Semi Finals 1, Wise Men C ...

Round Two updates

Round Two updates


Succesfully completed round two of tournament. each team has ...

Gallery :

Top players:

Best batsmen:

Player(team) Matches Runs Balls 4s 6s Avg Rank
Anil Yacha (Wise Men Club)Anil Yacha (Wise Men Club)15493.0400581935.21
Srinivas Rao Yedlapalli (East Riders)Srinivas Rao Yedlapalli (East Riders)13363.0300461427.92
Srinivas Cheruku (Wise Men Club)Srinivas Cheruku (Wise Men Club)11350.0279511235.03

Best bowlers:

Player(team) Matches Overs Wickets Maidens Avg Rank
Ajay Rao Vittole (Wild Hunterz)Ajay Rao Vittole (Wild Hunterz)1554.529110.61
Ravi Chandra (Blue Caps)Ravi Chandra (Blue Caps)1340.421013.12
Mahesh Jadala (Wild Hunterz)Mahesh Jadala (Wild Hunterz)1243.016113.83
  Last updated: 06-Sep-2014
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