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UKTA T20 Cricket Tournament 2014 Rules|

UKTA T20 Cricket Tournament 2014 - Rules and Regulations:

Before Toss:

1. It's Captain's responsibility to mention all 11 players name before the toss in the score book
2. It's Captain's responsibility to discuss with the umpires about the rules
3. It's Captain's responsibility to tell the umpire about Vice Captain
4. It's Captain's responsibility to inform the umpire if any players are running late
5. It's up to 2 captains if any teams want to take substitutes from other team until the players of the team come.

Time to start the game:

1. Only Captain's of both teams are allowed during the toss.
2. The toss should be done before 15 min prior to the game
3. At least 8 players to be present in the ground during the toss
4. Max 20 min grace time will be given to start the match after the toss
5. No players are allowed to play if the player turned up after 10 over's (the team should continue with the present players only.
6. Penalties: 15 minutes as Grace time ( Eg: No penalty until 10.15 for the 10'o clock starting match) - 1 over deduction for every 5 minutes thereafter.
7. Toss winning team to place stumps, inner circles and outer boundary flags.

During the match:

1. Umpires should make sure to write start time and end time for each game. If any team is taking more time than 1hr 30 min few times, then warning will be given and even they may banned for 1 game. The reason for this rule is not to affect other games.
2. Its captain's responsibility to bowl complete 20 over in 1 hr 30 min, and only 15 mins is allowed for break between 2 matches. I would request captains to keep track regarding the time. And also umpires should look in to it.
3. Captain's responsibility to inform the scorer to mention all details in score book (like: bowler name, batsman name, wicket taker, no of 4's & no of 6's)
4. No cigarette, alcohol and mobile phones are allowed on the pitch for both players and umpires
5. Only Captain's and Vice Captain's of the teams are allowed to speak with the umpires
6. Fielding Players are not allowed to shout or talk while a bowler is about the bowl
7. No LBW, No Leg Byes and also no run out while taking run for LBW
8. A deliberate use of pads will be warned by the umpires and will be given out after 2 warnings.
9. If a player takes a catch after the ball hits the batsman or player's helmet then it's not out.
10. One bouncer is allowed per over, if there are 2 bouncers in same over then the bowler is not allowed to bowl in that game
11. Keeper is not allowed to walk front or back while the ball is bowled
12. Must use power play, Bowling Power play during first 4 over's only two fielders allowed in outer circle, Batting power play 2 overs used anytime in 20 overs, 3 players allowed in outer circle.
13. Min 4 Players have to field in inner circle throughout the game (No Ball will be given if less than 4 players field in inner circle).
14. If a batsman stops the ball with hand while the ball is about to hit the wickets, then it is declared as Out
15. Fielders should not be positioned at sight screen positions.
16. Score Board and Scoring is captain's responsibility, any errors in recording score or improper entry, the respective team will be scored a negative point (-1).
17. Score can't be asked to the scorer during the over.
18. Zero tolerance for misbehavior
19. 2 complaints from the umpire could result in banning the player for misbehavior if the committee agrees.
20. Players are required to throw rubbish in bins or bags available.
21. Players are not allowed to do urinals in ground, must make use of toilets facilities in ground.
22. Matches will not be reschedule and will be awarding '0' points.
23. If match is abandoned due to rain* points will be shared equally 1-1.
24. if a substitute is agreed between two captains, substitute is not allowed to bat or bowl
25. In case of tie, super over will be played to decide winning team.

Dress Code: UKTA Jersey should be worn all the time during the game in play by all playing members. No player is allowed to play without UKTA Jersey and pants.

After the Game:

1. Umpires have to write comments in the score book if they found out any misbehave by the players
2. Captain's responsibility to see that scorer have mentioned all the details as mentioned above
3. Captain's responsibility to return UKTA kits after the game (boundary flags, wickets and stumps)
4. Captain's responsibility to make sure players clear the rubbish after the game
5. Umpires responsibility to give the Man of the Match after every game
6. It's Captain's responsibility to send Man of the Match picture to UKTA email address
7. Cleaning charges will be applies to the team If the team fails to clear the rubbish for any 2 weeks during the tournament.

*Matches affected by Rain:

1. If there is a rain before the start of the game, then 1 point will be awarded to each team (this rule is applicable up to quarter finals)
2. If there is a rain after one side completes batting and other team unable to play then both teams will be awarded 1 point each
3. If there is a rain after one side completes batting and other team unable to play more than 10 overs then both teams will be awarded 1 point each
4. If there is a rain after one side completes batting and other team are able to play more than 10 overs and then stopped by bad weather then the D & L will be used.
5. ( A D & L application should be identified and loaded on phones or laptops as necessary )
6. Umpire's and captain's have to decide whether to play or continue after inspecting the pitch (Request to take decision keeping in mind about the injuries to be caused due to bad pitch)

UKTA Responsibility:

1 To provide the boundary flags, wickets, stumps and first aid kit.
2 Will update the scores and Man of the Match pictures every week
3 The schedule will not be changed once it is mentioned in the website

Umpire Terms and Conditions:

1. The umpires will be available at the ground half an hour before the start of each game
2. The umpires will supervise toss, ground conditions and suitability for play so as not to impact the Health & Safety of players and umpires.
3. It is the responsibility of the captains to finalise their team's final XI and hand over the team cards to the umpire(s) before toss.
4. The umpires will ensure the rules laid out by UKTA are abided by the player
5. The umpires decision will be final and no further arguments will be entertained
6. Confronting the umpire, use of foul language or acts of intimidation will be treated seriously and a ban will be enforced on both the player and the team
7. Only the captains are allowed to approach and talk to the umpires in case of issues/questions
8. The umpires are insured by ECBACO membership; so no separate insurance cover is required by UKTA
9. It is the responsibility of UKTA to inform the umpires if they would like one umpire or more for each game. A scheduled arrangement should be agreed with the umpires to avoid any confusion.
10. If the umpire(s) are unavailable, they will make UKTA aware immediately when they know about their non-availability for the following week.

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