Tecnotree Intra Cricket Tournament - 2014
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Rules & Regulations

These playing conditions are applicable to all matches.
1. Each captain shall nominate 11 players plus a maximum of 4 substitute fielders. Playing 15 lists of players are the final set of players for the whole tournament. No replacements at all.
2. Only those nominated as substitute fielders shall be entitled as substitute fielders during the match, unless the Match Referee, in exceptional circumstances, allows subsequent additions.
3. All those nominated including those nominated as substitute fielders, must be eligible to play for that particular team.
4. If a fielder fails to take the field with his side at the start of the match or at any later time, or leaves the field during a session of play, the umpire shall be informed of the reason for his absence, and he shall not thereafter come on to the field during a session of play without the consent of the umpire.
5. Those teams have already finished their qualifier matches and did not qualified for next level; their players should not be allowed in any other teams. If any team found involved in such activities will be disqualified.
6. If the ball is to be replaced, the umpire shall inform the batsmen and the fielding captain. Either batsman or bowler may raise the matter with the umpires and the umpires? decision as to a replacement or otherwise will be final. There is no run for leg byes and hence there is no LBW.
7. An umpire considers that a throw bowling by any bowler/bowlers after getting appeal from respective bowler. The Match Umpires together will decide whether the bowler will continue the spell or not else they will sign it as NO ball. If any bowler found in throw bowling then Leg Umpire can give directly NO ball followed by a warning. 2 NO BALL will lead the bowler to the termination from bowling for the Match.
8. If the scores are equal, the result shall be a tie and the Super Over will be applicable with the presence of Umpires.
9. The delivery following a no ball called for a front foot fault shall be a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it. However, a bowler penalized with 2 waist-heights no ball will not be permitted to ball in the match. There will be extra runs for no ball and wide ball and runs are permitted for byes and over throws. No leg bye run is applicable.
10. If the delivery for the free hit is not a legitimate delivery (any kind of no ball or a wide ball) then the next delivery will become a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it. Change of field is not applicable (it will again a no ball and free hit will continue for the next ball), if the same batsman is facing the free hit ball.
11. At the instant of delivery, there may not be more than 5 fielders on the leg side (Including Bowler).
12. Circle marking is applicable for all the matches. The match is of 8 overs each side. A maximum of 3 bowlers can bowl maximum of 2 overs each, which states 5 bowlers are mandatory.
13. Power play overs will be first 2 overs (mandatory) for each innings of every match.
14. During the Power play Overs only two fielders shall be permitted outside 30-yards circle.
15. During the non-Power play Overs, only 5 fielders shall be permitted outside the 30-yards circle.
16. In circumstances when the number of overs of the batting team is reduced, the number of Power play Overs shall be reduced accordingly. For the sake of clarity, it should be noted that this is applicable to both the 1st and 2nd innings of the match.
NOTE: Each Team have to reach ground on time and 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled match timings. Captain of each teams are responsible to present with the team.
Team reaching after 15 minutes have to face penalty on overs: 1 over will be reduced on every 10 minutes delay. And if they don?t reach till 1 hour the other team gets walkover.
Ex: Team A & Team B playing a match at 7 am
Team A reaches on time but team B does not reach till 7:15 then, they will
play 6 overs whereas Team A will play 8 overs
If Team A bats 1st, they will play 8 Overs and Team B have to chase it in 6
If Team B batting 1st, then they will get 6 overs to bat and Team A gets 8 overs to chase it.
17. All teams should report 15 minutes before the match. Any team reporting after the match timing will get reduced overs.
18. No substitute runner is allowed for any batsman.
19. Mankad run-out is not applicable

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