1st Indramani Badoni Cricket Cup
Ist Indramani Badoni Cricket Cup 2014- 2015 Rules| Crictrophy.com

1.The game shall be played for 20 over?s each.
2.The ?circle rule? of the game will be for first 6 over?s.
3.In the ?circle rule? only two (2) fielders are allowed outside the 30 yard circle.
4.After completion of ?Circle rule? maximum five (5) fielders are allowed outside the 30 yard circle.
5.The time limit for the team bowling first is of 80 minutes to complete 20 over?s. There will be no drinks break during the innings. If the team bowling first does not complete the 20 over?s within stipulated period i.e. 80 minutes then the team bowling first has to bowl full quota of 20 over?s but at the time of batting they will play only the number of over?s they have bowled in the stipulated period i.e. 80 minutes.
6.No bowler shall bowl more than 4 over?s in an innings.
7.There will only be 10 minutes break between the innings i.e. 10 minutes break after the completion of 20 over?s by the team bowling first.
8.One bouncer per over is allowed (that passes or would have passed above the shoulder height of the striker standing upright at the crease, but not clearly above the batsman?s head).
9.Free Hit after a Foot-Fault No Ball:
The delivery following a no ball called for a foot fault (Law 24.5) shall be a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it. If the delivery for the free hit is not a legitimate delivery (any kind of no ball or a wide ball), then the next delivery will become a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it. For any free hit, the striker can be dismissed only under the circumstances that apply for a no ball, even if the delivery for the free hit is called wide ball. Field changes are permitted for free hit deliveries (the provisions of clause 41.2 shall apply).

  During league matches points shall be allotted in following cases:
Win : 4 Points
Tie or No result : 2 Points
Loss : 0 Points
In the event of team finishing on equal points, the right to play in the semifinal will be determined as follows:
The team with the most number of wins.
The team with the most number of wins over the other team(s).
The team with the highest net run rate.
In a match declared as no result, run rate is not applicable.
11. TIE
In the matches in whom both teams had the opportunity of batting for the agreed number of over?s, the team scoring the higher number of runs shall be the winner. If the scores are equal, the result shall be a TIE irrespective of the number of wickets, which have fallen.
A team?s Net Run Rate is calculated by deducting from the average runs scored per over by that team throughout the league phase, the average runs per over conceded by that team throughout the league phase.
In the event of a team being all out in less than 20 over?s, the calculation of Net Run Rate shall be based on the 20 over?s, whereas while chasing, exact number of over?s shall be taken into account. Example: If team batting first or batting second got all out in 18.2 over?s than numbers of over?s to be taken as 20 over?s for calculating averages & if team batting second achieved the target in 18.2 over?s than only 18.2 over?s shall be taken for calculating the average.
In case of rain or any other reason, if a match is truncated, then for a decision the team batting second should have played at least 5 over?s.
In case less than 5 over?s are only bowled by the second fielding team:
2 points each shall be given in league phase
The semi finals shall be decided on spin of coin
In the finals teams shall be declared joint winners.
For a decision e.g. if a team ?A? has scored 120 runs in 20 over?s (Avg. 6.00) the team ?B? in order to win, must score at 6.1 runs per over where the match is stopped and not at cut off point (10 over). Even if one ball of the new over is bowled the over shall be deemed to have been completed e.g. if the match stops at 12.1 over?s the team ?B? has to score 79 runs to win.
For any match interrupted due to rain or any other reason the over?s to be played shall be fixed by the two umpires.
14.In-discipline in any form will make a team liable for expulsion, on receipt of report from match observer.
15.No protest will be entertained on the decision of Umpire/scorer and the decision of the tournament committee is final and binding.

Please Note:
Please confirm your state team participation before 15-11-2014 and bring the Team?s Membership Enrollment forms & two photos of the concerned players for the printing & publishing in the souvenir magazine of the events. (In case of any circumstances venue can also be changed by the officials).

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