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 First Division
PDCA 1st Division Rules|

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1st Division MATCH RULES

1. The tournament will be called Perambalur District Cricket Association League Tournament.
2. The tournament is open only to the clubs/teams registered with the Perambalur District Cricket Association.
3. All matches will be played on a 40 over league basis.
4. The matches will commence at 08.30AM.
5. The teams should submit the biodata of the 15 member squad with photograph at the start of the tournament. The teams are not allowed to change the 15 member squad during the tournament. Teams will not allowed to participate is the biodata is not submitted.
6. A player is allowed to participate in this league if only he is meets any of the following conditions.
a.) Should be born in either of Perambalur or Ariyalur districts.Should Provide birth certificate as proof.
b.) Should be a resident of Either Perambalur of Ariyalur districts.Ration card as address Proof for age below 18,Driving license,Voters ID,Aadhar card.
c.) IF the player is studying in school or a college in the district of Perambalur or Ariyalur. Photo ID proof to be submitted.
d.) If the player is working in the districts of Perambalur or Ariyalur.Employment Photo ID proof to be submitted.
The Photo proof to be submitted along with biodata form.

7.) The team should be present at the venue atleast 30 minutes before the scheduled time. The players should wear whites, which is predominantly white with shoes.
8.) Any team failing to report at the venue even after the scheduled time shall be deemed to have lost the match.
9.) Where the start of any match is delayed due to unavoidable reasons, the number of overs shall be reduced proportionately so as to ensure that both the teams shall have equal number of overs to play out of the remaining possible time. For calculating the above, one over for every four minutes or part there of the remaining time shall be allowed.
10.) The quota of overs per bowler shall be determined as 1/5th of the total overs, the team is required to bowl and any part there have shared equally by all the bowlers.
11.) Minimum four fielders to stand inside 30 meter ring.
12.) When matches are interrupted due to weather conditions or exceptional circumstances, the following shall apply.
(i) For a result to be achieved, both the teams should have played a minimum of 50% of the allotted overs.
(ii) Where both the teams have played a minimum of 50% overs or more, the team which has higher average run rate shall be declared winner. For calculating average run rate the total runs scored at the end of LAST completed over shall be taken into account.
(iii) Where the teams have not played a minimum of 50% of the allotted overs, the teams shall share the points and the match is considered as ? a draw?.

12. In case of a win, the team will get 2 points and in case of a tie, the teams will share the points.
13. In case the match is ? completed? and both the teams score the same number of runs, then the result is a ?tie?(irrespective number of overs played or number of wickets lost)
14. In the matches, if any bowler, in any over, is injured or in capacitated and unable to complete the over, any other player from the fielding side other than the bowler who bowled the previous over shall completed the over by bowling the remaining balls of the over. The bowler who so completes the over or is incapacitated shall not be entitled to bowl over from the opposite side.
15. A player can play only one team.
16. The team with maximum number of points will be declared as winner.
17. In case of equal points between two teams at the end of the league matches in any group the net run rate will be calculated for deciding the winner
18. Umpire decision is final at any stage in course of the match.
19. Teams that indulge in foul play will be immediately banned from participation in matches & disciplinary action will be taken.
20. Protests, if any, shall be lodged within 24 hours after the close of match to the Secretary, Perambalur District Cricket Association, C/O The India Cements Ltd., Dalavoi-621730, by certificate of posting with a payment of Rs.5/-(Rupees Five only) by DD/Cheque.
If any player contravenes the rule that player will be debarred from taking part in the league matches for three years and the team which fielded that player would forfeit the match.


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