Rules & Regulations

Each team will play Three matches within 10 overs

The tournament team size will be 64, can divide 8 groups, within this set of groups 4 teams to be formed and 2 team?s will be forward for further rounds

We will award 4 POINTS for Winners & 2 POINTS for DRAW / TIE

All teams will be participate the next round as per their POINTS / NRR

Matches to be played in this Tournament under the latest MCC Laws / guidelines like extra run scored in no-ball, wide etc. But any Ball over the Waist level in a full toss and any ball over the shoulder otherwise, will be considered a No Ball. Player shall not be declared out due to LBW, also leg byes would not be granted. Free hit balls are not applicable under any circumstances

If all the teams secure same points, the finalist in each group will be decided based on their Net Run Rate..

Captains are the authorized personnel, we expect the following :

Ability and familiar / expert with the laws of cricket

People management and decision making skills to help to control their team players.

Co-operation and Respect to the umpire's opinions and decisions

Motivate their team players and guide them rules & regulations. It will help us to avoid the unnecessary disputes

Friendly approach will highly appreciated with their team players

In case any of interrupt due to nature disorder, each team will be awarded with 2 points without any re-match & the game will be treated as DRAW / TIE.

The result of the match is TIE, shall be derived through Super Over.

Umpire?s decision is Final.

The duration should be 1.15 hours without any deviation. Will complete within the stipulated time allotted by the Umpire?s / Referee?s.

Refreshment break should be 5 minutes between 2 innings.

Organizing Committee will be given one new ball to each team, this can be changed if the ball is lost or damaged

The bowling team can approach the Umpire / Referee in case of ball change. The Umpire?s / Referee?s decision will be considered for ball change.

Each bowlers should have 3 over?s in the innings without any deviation.
At the instant of delivery, there may not be more than 5 fieldsmen on the leg side.
The wicket keeper can bowl, during the same innings, after one over is bowled between his keeping and bowling.

This Tournaments focused only for Corporate & Mixed Corporate. Non?corporate players are strictly excused. We expect the following from the Corporate teams :

All Players should wear common colored or White T-Shirt and Tracks indicates unity / identification of their team
Players will not be allowed to play without sport shoes and tracks

All the teams to be assemble before 30 minutes from our schedule.

We require all the players must bring their company ID / Employer Proof. It will help us to avoid difficult circumstances / disputes with opponent teams.

In case, any team doesn?t obey / follow-up Organizing Committee?s rules for Corporate, we will terminate the particular team immediately.

The Entry / Registration fee will not be refunded at any cost.
Organizing Committee will not be responsible for participants own belongings & loss of any valuables.

The Captain to be submitted their team list to the Organising Committee before TOSS. The Organizing Committee will not accept the 11th hour players changes.

Each players shall be allowed to play a particular/ assigned team throughout the Tournament.

Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in and around the Playing Zone.

We look forward all the teams & players maintain good professionalism in the Playing zone. We should not utilize abused language / gestures.

In case of any Violation / deviation to be happened, the committee will be announce the lead should be opponent team.
Unfortunately, any players met an injury or accident, organising committee excused from the expense. Will give the guidance and rush for the First Aid (First Aid Box to be placed).
Umpire?s / Referee?s conclusion is Final in all the matches.

The Organizing committee?s decision will be final throughout the Tournament without any deviation.

Remarkable Foot Note:

All team players must abide by the rules and regulations of the Playing zone they are playing in; like no alcoholic drinks, no public indecent exposure. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to amend the Rules at any time if it considers such action to be in the best interests of the competition. Committee holds the right to cancel any team for their mis-conduct / behavior (Entry / Registration fee not refundable).

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