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Burhani Sports- Cricket Matches:
Rules & Regulations
1) Special rules applies for wides and no-balls refer to computation of score and penalties in prospectors.
2) One (1) player from each side will be nominated as the wicket-keeper before the start of the play. This player is not allowed to bowl whilst his team is fielding .Such nominated player may be changed from game to game if so desired. If a wicket-keeper gets injured then the player who has not bowled can keep wickets in that match.
3) Minimum 3 fielders inside the 30 yard circle throughout the match apart from the wicket-keeper.
4) If a match is tied in a league match then the team with the lowest fall of wickets will win. If wickets are also the same then both teams get 1 point each.
5) If a match is tied in knockout match the super over will be played irrespective of the fall of wickets, super over rules as per international T20 rules.
6) Reserve player can take part in the tournament if any of the 14 players get injured (after consulting the organizers), and that injured player will not take any further participation in the tournament.
7) Players should strictly play from their respective mohalla's only. Any team breaking this rule will be disqualified.
8) Teams should return their KITS as soon as team gets eliminated from the Tournament.
9) If any dispute or controversy arises during the entire tenure of the tournament, matter will be presented to Organizer Head and his decision will be considered as final decision.

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