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Medplus Software Cricket League Rules|


1) There will be three teams in the tournament.
2) Every team would have 14 players.
3) The team's captian would decide the playing 11 of the team.
4) The matches would start sharp at 8 am on 4th April 2015.
5) The teams should report at 7.45 am for toss.
6) All the players should be present at the ground before the match starts.
7) If a team is not ready with 11 players (before the match starts) then the team has to play the complete match with the present number of players.
8) There will be two stages in the tournament.
9) League stage: Each team would play two matches against the other two teams.
10) Every win would give 4 points to the team.
11) If a team loses, it will not give any point.
12) If there is a tie/draw then both the teams would get 2 points each.
13) The top two teams with the maximum number of points would proceed further for the final match.
14) If there is a tie between the points of two or more teams, net run rate would be considered.
15) The best two teams whose run rate is better than the third team would go further.
16) Net run rate would be calculated seperately for every match.
17) Net run rate would be equal to the Total number of runs scored / Total number of overs faced - Total number of runs conceded / No. of overs bowled.
18) The league mataches would be of 10 overs a side.
19) In an inning, only one bowler can bowl a maximum of 3 overs, others can bowl a maximum of 2 overs.
20) The Final match would have 12 overs per side and only one bowler can bowl a maximum of 4 overs, the other bowlers can bowl maximum of 3 overs in a match.
21) One run would be awarded for every wide ball, and the ball would not be counted
22) No run would be awarded for No Balls, but the ball would not be counted.
23) There is no Leg Before Wicket (LBW).
24) There are no runs for byes.
25) There are no runs for leg-byes.
26) There are no runs for over throws.
27) Umpire's decision would be the last decision, no player or the captian is allowed to argue with the umpire.

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