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Player Of season - 1

Player Of season - 1


Prahlad: Is been awarded as the player of the season - 1. He ...

Brothers Cup - 2015

Brothers Cup - 2015


This tournament is being organised by Sunny-XI and URCC. ...

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Top players:

Best batsmen:

Player(team) Matches Runs Balls 4s 6s Avg Rank
Swayam (Phailin-XI)Swayam (Phailin-XI)3951076231.71
Priyank (Phailin-XI)Priyank (Phailin-XI)490809022.52
Ranjan (Phailin-XI)Ranjan (Phailin-XI)585648417.03
Linga (Phailin-XI)Linga (Phailin-XI)556505311.24
Munu (Phailin-XI)Munu (Phailin-XI)331312110.35

Best bowlers:

Player(team) Matches Overs Wickets Maidens Runs Avg Rank
Linga (Phailin-XI)Linga (Phailin-XI)515.09010511.71
Rajesh (Phailin-XI)Rajesh (Phailin-XI)412.070598.42
Priyank (Phailin-XI)Priyank (Phailin-XI)411.0506212.43
Prahlad (Phailin-XI)Prahlad (Phailin-XI)513.0508517.04
Pramod (Phailin-XI)Pramod (Phailin-XI)33.040194.85
  Last updated: 10-May-2015
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