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1st MEMORIAL T20 CUP 2015

The FIRST edition of the MEMORIAL Cup? ? T20 Cricket Tournament is tribute to late SUKHDEEP SINGH DHALIWAL proposed to commence in Adelaide on Sunday, 12 April 2015. We attempt to bring together all cricketing communities to participate in a professionally managed and organised pre-season cricket tournament!
The T20 Cricket Tournament will appeal to cricket clubs competing at all levels and even independent groups of players who wish to come together and form a one-off team to compete in this tournament.
Twenty20 cricket is exciting fast paced and over before you know it. Family, friends and spectators are encouraged to attend matches and be part of the entertainment.
All of the games will be held in the city park lands, conveniently situated just minutes away from the Adelaide CBD.
Entry to this event for teams is by invitation only. Teams interested to participate must complete and submit the attached expression of interest form and will be contacted by the organisers to confirm participation. There will be prizes, awards and promotional give-aways to keep players and spectators entertained both on and off the field throughout the tournament.

For more information please contact
NONI on 0477400170
PURI on 0413717737
HARRY on 0413062313; or

Rules & Regulations
General playing conditions:
1.1. The MEMORIAL Cup 2015? - T20 Cricket Tournament broadly adopts the 'ICC Standard Twenty20 International Match playing conditions' and The Laws of Cricket (2000 Code 4th Edition ? 2010) and these rules apply except as varied hereunder or advised by tournament management.
2.1 Any or all of the rules may be changed or modified by the tournament management at any time before or during the tournament. Any changes made will be conveyed to all team captains and umpires before implementation.
Fixtures and tournament structure:
3.1 Shall be determined by the tournament management and may change at any time. Any changes made will be conveyed to all team captains and umpires; however it is the responsibility of the team captain to check their email/website for any updates.
Participation of teams and players:
4.1 Management will inform of any necessary changes to the structure and schedule for participating teams in the MEMORIAL Cup 2014? - T20 Cricket Tournament.
4.2 The minimum number of players required to register a team is 12 players. The maximum number of players allowed to be registered for a team is unrestricted.
4.3 In the instance that a ?non-registered? player participates in a match without management?s approval, the result of the match may be awarded as a win to the opponent team. Please note that this rule does not apply to substitutes who may take the field with the consent of the opposition captain and match umpire.
4.4 There must be a minimum of 8 players from each team including 2 wicket-keepers for a game to commence. Under no circumstances can a team take the field with less than 8 players.
4.5 Games will start on time and some leniency will be shown for late players, however the final decision to commence play will be at the discretion of the umpires. Alternatively, by mutual agreement of captains, it may be agreed that the team with the lesser no. of players bat first (while waiting for additional players to arrive).
4.6 All teams may use up to 4 substitute players already registered and part of the team?s squad. The umpire needs to be notified for the reason before substituting players. 'Substitute players shall only be permitted in cases of injury, illness or other wholly acceptable reasons...[which] should not include...a comfort break,' (ICC, 2010).
4.7 The minimum duties expected of the captain/organiser are outlined below:
? Attends all official tournament meetings and events
? Ensure that the team arrives at the match on time
? Ensure that all team registration fees are paid by the due date
? The team captain tosses the coin
? Collects and maintains game ball from umpire
? Has a copy of the scorecard and designates the responsibility of scoring (NEATLY) to a player
? Ensure that the team and all players play within the Spirit of Cricket and adhere to the rules and regulations outlined
? Approach the umpire for any clarification
? Ensure that the team maintains over-rates
? Collects and submits the match balls, scorecard & match report to tournament management post-match

Duration of match
5.1 Matches will consist of one innings per side with each innings being limited to 20 overs per side excluding extras.
5.2 Each innings of 20 overs shall have an allotted time of 75 minutes. Slow over-rates may induce ?run penalties? solely at the discretion of the umpires. Where the start of play is delayed or play is suspended, extra time may be granted by the umpires.
5.3 The minimum over-rate expected to be achieved is 15 overs per hour
Hours of play
6.1 The MEMORIAL Cup 2015? - T20 Cricket Tournament fixtures and start times for matches will be advised on the tournament via email or sms.
Innings interval
7.1 Each innings interval shall be 10 minutes in duration
Drinks break
8.1 There will be no formal drinks break. However in extreme heat conditions, under the discretion of umpires players may be permitted to take a drinks break. All players are advised to follow the ?Cricket Australia Hydration Guidelines.? An individual may be given a drink either on the boundary edge or at the fall of a wicket, provided that no playing time is wasted. In certain limited cases, batsmen can call for drinks between overs with the approval of the umpires.
8.2 Any player taking drinks onto the field will be dressed in the correct team uniform in accordance with the uniform requirements of The MEMORIAL Cup 2015? - T20 Cricket Tournament.
The Ball
9.1 The match ball for all group stage matches will be 2-piece except for turf matches. The make and manufacturer of the ball will be communicated to all team captains and umpires before the commencement of the tournament.
9.2 There will be 1 new ball to be used for each innings.
9.3 In the instance where the ball may be lost or is unfit for play Law 5.3 as stated in the ?ICC Standard Twenty20 International Match playing conditions? a similar replacement ball will be used.

THE RESULTS10.1 When there is no interruption after play has commenced and when both sides have had the opportunity of batting for the same agreed number of overs, the team scoring the higher number of runs shall be declared the winner.
10.2 Refer to Law 21.2 in the ?ICC Standard Twenty20 International Match playing conditions?. A result can be achieved if both teams have had the opportunity of batting for at least 5 overs. Where this is not possible the match shall be declared no-result.
Tie and super-over
11.1 In the group stage of the tournament, if there is a tie both teams are awarded 1 point and declared joint-winners.
11.2 From the quarter-final stage of the tournament, in the event that there is a tie, a ?Super Over? will be played. Each team will nominate two batsmen and one bowler to take part in the super over. The team that scores the most number of runs wins. If a team loses a wicket, their over is finished and the opposition bats.
Awarding a match in the event of a forfeit
12.1 If after 30 minutes from the official start time of the match, a team has less than 8 players present and no agreement can be reached by the captains and umpires that team will have to forfeit the match and no points will be awarded.
12.2 If for any circumstance a team either:
a) refuses to play b) does not present itself for the match c) does not have the required number of players d) did not advise the tournament management of the above situations, or e) has breached the spirit of cricket or code of conduct
The umpires may decide to award the match to the other side.
12.3 Penalties will apply to teams that have forfeited under the sole discretion of Tournament Management.
13.1 A team that wins will be awarded 2 points
13.2 A team that loses will receive 0 points
13.3 In the case of a tie, or no-result each team will receive 1 point
13.4 In the instance where a team has forfeited, they will lose -1 points In this case, the opposition will secure a win and 2 points
Net Run-Rate/Percentage and its calculation
14.1 This will be calculated and updated on Cricket Australia?s mycricket system. Inclement weather, bad light and condition of ground
15.1 Refer to Law 3.5.3 b) in the 'ICC Standard Twenty20 International Match playing conditions'.
15.2 Where rain suspends play, the Duckworth Lewis Standard Edition will not be used for this tournament ? efforts will first be made to ensure completion of the match or re-scheduling the match to a reserve playing day.
16.1 No bowler is permitted to bowl more than 4 overs in an innings. This is not inclusive of the super over in the case of a tie, which is applicable from the quarter-final stages of the tournament.
16.2 In the event that the match is played where the overs are reduced, a bowler shall not bowl more than one-fifth of the total overs allowed.
16.3 If a bowler cannot complete an over due to injury or being penalised, the remaining balls in the over will be bowled by another bowler.
Free-hit from a front-foot no-ball
17.1 Refer to Law 24.2 in the 'ICC Standard Twenty20 International Match playing conditions'.
17.2 If the delivery for the free hit is not a legitimate delivery (i.e a wide or a no-ball), then the free hit will apply to the next ball.
17.3 Field changes are not permitted for free-hit deliveries unless there is a change of striker.
18.1 Tournament management advises umpires to apply very strict and consistent interpretation of this rule to prevent bowling wide of the wicket.
18.2 The leg-side wide will apply.
Batting - Modes of dismissal
19.1 The batsman may be dismissed in the following ways in The MEMORIAL Cup 2014? ? T20 Cricket Tournament:
1. Bowled 2.Caught 3.Handled the ball 4.Hit the ball twice 5. Hit wicket 6. Leg before wicket 7. Obstructing the field 8. Run out 9. Stumped 10. Timed out ? A batsman must be ready at the crease in 1m30s after the fall of the previous wicket.

Fielding restrictions
20.1 Fielding restrictions will apply for the first 6 overs of each innings where a maximum of 2 fieldsmen are permitted outside the fielding restriction area.
20.2 There will be a 30 yard (27.43 metres) circle marked for all matches. Where markings are not clear or not there, it is the responsibility of the umpire to ensure that an appropriate distance for the fielding restriction area is observed by all players.
20.3 The table below will be used to determine the number of fielding restriction overs in the event where the number of overs in a match is reduced:
Total overs in innings No. of overs for which fielding restrictions will apply
5-8 2
9-11 3
12-14 4
15-18 5
19-20 6

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