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Compre Premier League-2015( 14/May/2015 - 09/Jun/2015 )

News :

New Champs!!!

New Champs!!!


Congrats to Block E Daredevils on winning this year's tourna ...

Here we Go

Here we Go


Hello folks. Our tourney resumes after an unavoidable 3-day ...

Back to business

Back to business


Our competition resumed after a 2-day break with an exciting ...

Tourney Break

Tourney Break


Due to activities at the school we will be on a 2-day break. ...

Gallery :

Top players:

Best batsmen:

Player(team) Matches Runs Balls 4s 6s Avg Rank
Malcolm Graham (Mumbai Trinidadians)Malcolm Graham (Mumbai Trinidadians)36900023.01
Roddy Juman (Kolkata Korridor Roamers)Roddy Juman (Kolkata Korridor Roamers)46200015.52
Shaquille Neaves (Block E Daredevils)Shaquille Neaves (Block E Daredevils)4360009.03
Anthony Joseph (Compre Super Kings)Anthony Joseph (Compre Super Kings)13200032.04
Shaundel Letren (Block E Daredevils)Shaundel Letren (Block E Daredevils)12900029.05

Best bowlers:

Player(team) Matches Overs Wickets Maidens Runs Avg Rank
Shaquille Neaves (Block E Daredevils)Shaquille Neaves (Block E Daredevils)33.040102.51
Matthew Diaz (Mumbai Trinidadians)Matthew Diaz (Mumbai Trinidadians)11.03020.72
Ryan Shelbourne (Kolkata Korridor Roamers)Ryan Shelbourne (Kolkata Korridor Roamers)33.030155.03
Ryan Davis (Punjab Players)Ryan Davis (Punjab Players)22.030165.34
Cecil Young (Block E Daredevils)Cecil Young (Block E Daredevils)32.231175.75
  Last updated: 10-Jun-2015
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