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ITPL-2016 Champions

ITPL-2016 Champions


Oryx 11 become the Champions of ITPL-2016.




Blazing Hawks become the Champions of ITPL-2015 under the ca ...

Fastest 50 of ITPL 2 ...

Fastest 50 of ITPL 2 ...


Fastest 50 of this league was hit by Naveen D'Souza (Blazing ...

Fastest Century of I ...

Fastest Century of I ...


Fastest century of ITPL 2015 came from Faiz Ahmed against Cr ...

Gallery :

Top players:

Best batsmen:

Player(Team) Matches Runs Balls 4s 6s Avg Rank
Mohammad Pangarkar (Oryx 11)Mohammad Pangarkar (Oryx 11)11335198222337.21
Riyas (Oryx 11)Riyas (Oryx 11)9284142142740.62
Ashok Yalakapati (Cric IT)Ashok Yalakapati (Cric IT)9252156191428.03
Naveen Dsouza (Blazing Hawks)Naveen Dsouza (Blazing Hawks)10248127191831.04
Pallava shetty (Doha Super Kings)Pallava shetty (Doha Super Kings)1121615517927.05

Most 6s:

Player(Team) Matches 6s Runs Balls 4s Avg Rank
Riyas (Oryx 11)Riyas (Oryx 11)9272841421440.61
Mohammad Pangarkar (Oryx 11)Mohammad Pangarkar (Oryx 11)11233351982237.22
Naveen Dsouza (Blazing Hawks)Naveen Dsouza (Blazing Hawks)10182481271931.03
Amit Gulati (Oryx 11)Amit Gulati (Oryx 11)817181741230.24
Prakash Sekar (Airport Hawks)Prakash Sekar (Airport Hawks)9162131271135.55

Most 4s:

Player(Team) Matches 4s Runs Balls 6s Avg Rank
Jeyachandran Sekkappan (Cric IT)Jeyachandran Sekkappan (Cric IT)622166112333.21
Mohammad Pangarkar (Oryx 11)Mohammad Pangarkar (Oryx 11)11223351982337.22
Rahul (Performers United)Rahul (Performers United)719176135125.13
Ashok Yalakapati (Cric IT)Ashok Yalakapati (Cric IT)9192521561428.04
Naveen Dsouza (Blazing Hawks)Naveen Dsouza (Blazing Hawks)10192481271831.05

Best bowlers:

Player(Team) Matches Overs Wickets Maidens Runs Avg Rank
Pallava shetty (Doha Super Kings)Pallava shetty (Doha Super Kings)1131.519020210.61
Amit Gulati (Oryx 11)Amit Gulati (Oryx 11)924.416022914.32
Mohammad Pangarkar (Oryx 11)Mohammad Pangarkar (Oryx 11)1129.415025717.13
Prakash Sekar (Airport Hawks)Prakash Sekar (Airport Hawks)927.015026417.64
Bhupathirao  (Doha Super Kings)Bhupathirao (Doha Super Kings)1028.013022517.35

Most catches:

Player(Team) Matches Catches Rank
Jashir Mohamed Panikkaveettil Khalid (Airport Hawks)Jashir Mohamed Panikkaveettil Khalid (Airport Hawks)1616.01
Riyas (Oryx 11)Riyas (Oryx 11)88.02
Muhammed Safeel S.Y (Blazing Hawks)Muhammed Safeel S.Y (Blazing Hawks)88.03
Bibinlal (Blazing Hawks)Bibinlal (Blazing Hawks)66.04
Baskar (Doha Super Kings)Baskar (Doha Super Kings)55.05
  Last updated: 07-Feb-2017
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