TMBS Retention Cricket League
TMBS Retention Cricket League |
TMBS Retention Cricket League-Season 1( 03/May/2016 - 31/May/2016 )

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Retention Cricket Le ...

Retention Cricket Le ...


Mumbai Matches Begin from 3rd May-16

Gallery :

Top players:

Best batsmen:

Player(Team) Matches Runs Balls 4s 6s Avg Rank
Kiran Bhat (Team Terence)Kiran Bhat (Team Terence)249221124.51
Sunny Sambyal (Team Rakesh)Sunny Sambyal (Team Rakesh)140181440.02
Shamshuddin Shaikh (Team Anis)Shamshuddin Shaikh (Team Anis)339110119.53
Hemant Deshmukh (Team Rakesh)Hemant Deshmukh (Team Rakesh)139163239.04
Paresh Verma (Team Retention Management)Paresh Verma (Team Retention Management)230130330.05

Most 6s:

Player(Team) Matches 6s Runs Balls 4s Avg Rank
Sunny Sambyal (Team Rakesh)Sunny Sambyal (Team Rakesh)144018140.01
Paresh Verma (Team Retention Management)Paresh Verma (Team Retention Management)233013030.02
Sagar Shinde (Team Bhairav)Sagar Shinde (Team Bhairav)12157015.03
Hemant Deshmukh (Team Rakesh)Hemant Deshmukh (Team Rakesh)123916339.04
Wasim Sheikh (Team Mohanish)Wasim Sheikh (Team Mohanish)12140014.05

Most 4s:

Player(Team) Matches 4s Runs Balls 6s Avg Rank
Rajeev Shetty (Team Rajeev)Rajeev Shetty (Team Rajeev)247803.51
Hemant Deshmukh (Team Rakesh)Hemant Deshmukh (Team Rakesh)133916239.02
Digamber Karalkar (Team Support Group)Digamber Karalkar (Team Support Group)23206010.03
Pratik Kawale (Team Support Group)Pratik Kawale (Team Support Group)221310013.04
Joseph Fernandes (Team Terence)Joseph Fernandes (Team Terence)22171318.55

Best bowlers:

Player(Team) Matches Overs Wickets Maidens Runs Avg Rank
Joseph Fernandes (Team Terence)Joseph Fernandes (Team Terence)22.03251.71
Azharuddin Ansari (Team Tushar)Azharuddin Ansari (Team Tushar)11.03062.02
Abraham Shetty (Team Mario)Abraham Shetty (Team Mario)11.03062.03
Anis Khan (Team Anis)Anis Khan (Team Anis)33.037206.74
Mohd Shakeel Ahmed (Team Mario)Mohd Shakeel Ahmed (Team Mario)11.02031.55

Most catches:

Player(Team) Matches Catches Rank
Amit Kumar Dube (Team Terence)Amit Kumar Dube (Team Terence)22.01
Ashish Lalwani (Team Terence)Ashish Lalwani (Team Terence)22.02
Sushil Raney (Team Retention Management)Sushil Raney (Team Retention Management)11.03
Ajay Jadhav (Team Mario)Ajay Jadhav (Team Mario)11.04
Manish Mishra (Team Support Group)Manish Mishra (Team Support Group)11.05
  Last updated: 31-Aug-2016
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