BCCPL 2016
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BCCPL 2016-Season 1( 03/Apr/2016 - 24/Sep/2016 )

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Bluedevils win the t ...

Bluedevils win the t ...


Ashutosh 's 5/16 slowed down Royals to a moderate 72 after w ...

BCCPL Season 1

BCCPL Season 1


Matches are scheduled to start from April 3rd, 2016.

Gallery :

Top players:

Best batsmen:

Player(Team) Matches Runs Balls 4s 6s Avg Rank
Prabhu (Wilson)Prabhu (Wilson)81441209618.01
Suri (SuperSixers)Suri (SuperSixers)1113810531112.52
Yeswanth (Royals)Yeswanth (Royals)81301229821.73
Venkat ( FullKontrol)Venkat ( FullKontrol)9114919312.74
Zahir (Wilson)Zahir (Wilson)71128431016.05

Most 6s:

Player(Team) Matches 6s Runs Balls 4s Avg Rank
Suri (SuperSixers)Suri (SuperSixers)1111138105312.51
Zahir (Wilson)Zahir (Wilson)71011284316.02
Yeswanth (Royals)Yeswanth (Royals)88130122921.73
Prabhu (Wilson)Prabhu (Wilson)86144120918.04
Sathish (Wilson)Sathish (Wilson)556132312.25

Most 4s:

Player(Team) Matches 4s Runs Balls 6s Avg Rank
Vimal (SuperSixers)Vimal (SuperSixers)1110998339.01
Prabhu (Wilson)Prabhu (Wilson)89144120618.02
Yeswanth (Royals)Yeswanth (Royals)89130122821.73
Venkat ( FullKontrol)Venkat ( FullKontrol)9911491312.74
Vinoth ( FullKontrol)Vinoth ( FullKontrol)787766111.05

Best bowlers:

Player(Team) Matches Overs Wickets Maidens Runs Avg Rank
Ashutosh (BlueDevils)Ashutosh (BlueDevils)823.01511359.01
Uday (Wilson)Uday (Wilson)923.01401047.42
Sudhakar (SuperSixers)Sudhakar (SuperSixers)1130.314017512.53
Srikanth ( FullKontrol)Srikanth ( FullKontrol)1020.0130856.54
Suresh ( FullKontrol)Suresh ( FullKontrol)714.0101646.45

Most catches:

Player(Team) Matches Catches Rank
Dilip Kale (BlueDevils)Dilip Kale (BlueDevils)1414.01
Venkat ( FullKontrol)Venkat ( FullKontrol)1212.02
Vijay (SuperSixers)Vijay (SuperSixers)1010.03
Prathap (Wilson)Prathap (Wilson)88.04
Suresh ( FullKontrol)Suresh ( FullKontrol)77.05
  Last updated: 24-Jul-2016
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