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General Rules:
In a single innings, each of the bowlers can bowl a maximum of only one-fourth of the total overs i.e. 3 overs in a total of 12 overs.
If a bowler ever delivers a ball overstepping the popping crease, it is a no-ball. The batting team gets one run for the ball and the next delivery is a free hit. In other words, in the next ball, the batsmen can only be dismissed through a run out.
If either of the umpires believes that a team is wasting time, he can award a five-run penalty, at his own discretion.
In the match, the interval lasts of 5 minutes will be given to switch the innings.
If, and only if, each of the two teams has faced (or had the opportunity to face) five overs, will be a match deemed to have played.
In each match, one bouncer ball is allowed per over.
To calculate a team's net run rate, the average runs per over scored by that team is deducted from the average runs per over scored against it.

Field Restrictions:
At the most, five fielders can be on the leg side, at any given point of time.
In the first three overs of a match, there cannot be more than two fielders outside circle.
There can be a maximum of five fielders outside the fielding circle, after the first three overs end.

One over from 7 to 12 can be chosen by the batting team during the play as a mega over. In this over the runs scored will get doubled only if there is no fall of wicket else the runs scored will be counted as it is.

Tie Deciders:
There cannot be a tie in a Twenty20 cricket game. If, and when, there is a tie by the end of a match, it is broken with a one over per side - 'Eliminator' or 'Super Over'. Each of the two teams nominates three batsmen and one bowler, to play a one-over per side, which can be termed as 'mini-match' or 'One1'. If a team loses two wickets before the over is complete, it loses the game. If this does not happen, the team with the higher score from its over wins it. In case there is a tie after the 'mini-match' as well, the team that has higher number of sixes in its full innings, or in the 'One1', will be declared the winner. If, by any chance, there is still a tie, the winning team is the one with the higher number of fours in both innings.

Time restrictions:
If any team is late by more than 7 min from the scheduled time then the challenging team will be given a walk over and will be declared as winners for the match.
The next batsman should be ready to face the ball within 90 seconds from the dismissal of the player.

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