Surya Premier League
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Surya Premier League-Season 7( 19/Sep/2016 - 01/Oct/2016 )

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Surya Premier League

Surya Premier League


We are back and bringing the fever of Cricket.So get set re ...

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Top players:

Best batsmen:

Player(Team) Matches Runs Balls 4s 6s Avg Rank
arshid dar (Surya Gladiators)arshid dar (Surya Gladiators)31175251339.01
Wasim Rather (Surya Titans)Wasim Rather (Surya Titans)278415739.02
Mudasir (Surya Thunders)Mudasir (Surya Thunders)269296669.03
Rajat Saini (Surya Pirates)Rajat Saini (Surya Pirates)365622721.74
kaiser bhat (Surya Gladiators)kaiser bhat (Surya Gladiators)359441519.75

Most 6s:

Player(Team) Matches 6s Runs Balls 4s Avg Rank
arshid dar (Surya Gladiators)arshid dar (Surya Gladiators)31311752539.01
Wasim Rather (Surya Titans)Wasim Rather (Surya Titans)277841539.02
Rajat Saini (Surya Pirates)Rajat Saini (Surya Pirates)376562221.73
Navin pandey (surya kings XI)Navin pandey (surya kings XI)265546127.54
Mudasir (Surya Thunders)Mudasir (Surya Thunders)266929669.05

Most 4s:

Player(Team) Matches 4s Runs Balls 6s Avg Rank
Abhishek Acharya (Surya Spartans)Abhishek Acharya (Surya Spartans)274529222.51
Anivesh Dhamala (Surya Gangster)Anivesh Dhamala (Surya Gangster)274436022.02
Mudasir (Surya Thunders)Mudasir (Surya Thunders)266929669.03
Mukesh Mathur (Surya Thunders)Mukesh Mathur (Surya Thunders)254824424.04
Wasim Rather (Surya Titans)Wasim Rather (Surya Titans)257841739.05

Best bowlers:

Player(Team) Matches Overs Wickets Maidens Runs Avg Rank
Varinder Singh (Surya Thunders)Varinder Singh (Surya Thunders)23.460172.81
ashraf khan (Surya Gladiators)ashraf khan (Surya Gladiators)38.060457.52
Jasir Balkhi (Surya Pirates)Jasir Balkhi (Surya Pirates)39.0607512.53
Zeeshan Nabi (Surya Riders)Zeeshan Nabi (Surya Riders)24.550295.84
kaiser bhat (Surya Gladiators)kaiser bhat (Surya Gladiators)37.050479.45

Most catches:

Player(Team) Matches Catches Rank
Gurjeet (Surya Titans)Gurjeet (Surya Titans)55.01
Rajat Saini (Surya Pirates)Rajat Saini (Surya Pirates)55.02
ashraf khan (Surya Gladiators)ashraf khan (Surya Gladiators)44.03
Adnan (Surya Gangster)Adnan (Surya Gangster)33.04
Santosh  (Surya Riders)Santosh (Surya Riders)33.05
  Last updated: 27-Sep-2016
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