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DHAHRAN CRICKET LEAGUE (v.3.) Rules| Crictrophy.com

1. Entry Fee is 300 Saudi Riyals (SAR) per Team. Full Amount has to be paid before the First Match (6th October 2017).
2. Accolades: Winners 400 SAR & Runners 250 SAR. & Trophies
3. 15 Overs Match. One Bowler can bowl a maximum of 3 overs
4. 15 Players List to be provided per the format below, Players list shall not be changed during the tournament; matches played by players that are not part of the list will lead to disqualification of such match.
5. Cricket standard bats to be used, “Strictly Srilankan/Unconventional type bats are NOT allowed”.
6. Matches are to be started at 6.00AM sharp, toss will be at 5.55AM, non-availability of a Team/member at the time of TOSS may result in Toss going in favor of the available team that has reached earlier
7. For the Team that delays to report (7 players minimum) by 15 minutes beyond TOSS time will lose the Toss in favor of opponent and 2 Overs will be deducted while they bat. Beyond 20 minutes of delay to report, the team is deemed to have lost the match.
8. Byes and Overthrow are included in the league. Leg bye runs and LBW are not to be considered.
9. Continuous 3 No Ball (NB) by a player, will not be allowed to bowl rest of the match. If a ball qualifies as a No Ball and a Wide Ball, it is a No Ball.
10. Bowler with Wrong bowling actions is subject to Batsman’s appeal and Umpires review decision. 1st Warning shall be given under batsman request. Umpire would take the final decision if the bowler can further bowl the rest of the match. Captain can take a decision to replace the bowler for remaining balls of that particular over after the umpire’s decision.
11. For the initial 4 overs, 3 players should inside 20 feet yard circle. Beyond 4 overs, 2 Players must compulsorily remain inside 20 feet yard circle. If a player is missing within 20 yard circle, the ball bowled would be considered as No Ball. No warning would be given.
12. If retired hurt, the batsman can resume his innings after 7 wickets.
13. Bi-runners can be used if the batsman is injured. If the Batsman is tired or ill he can use Bi runner after minimum of 2 overs. Bi runner should have already batted. Batsman or Bi-runner obstructing the field and handling the ball is considered as out. Bowler should not obstruct the Batsman while running between the wickets.
14. Players can appeal, but should not argue or abuse the umpire during the match. Umpire decision would be final. Any discussion/clarification about the umpiring, only the captain has the rights to speak. Main Umpire and Organizer have full rights to disqualify a Team/Match against disciplinary issues.
15. Only Main umpire would be given from the Organizers. Leg umpire can be the next batsman or the respective playing team may arrange their own leg umpire.
16. League would be played under a Point system that is Each Win (W) is considered as 2 Points and Draw (D) as 1 Point and Lost (L) as 0 Point. If the team chases the target or contains the chase within 12 overs, bonus point of 1 shall be added and it is considered as 3 points. If any team levels in the Total match Points with other teams then, Net run rate would be calculated to Rank them. (By using auto Calculating RR software).
17. Match would be postponed if there are any issues with ground.
18. Substitutes can only Field, but Bowling, Batting & WK will not be allowed.
19. Water must be brought by the respective teams.
20. Playing 11+2 Substitute lists to be given before 5 min to the Main umpire.
21. Due to security issues, per the Mall of Dhahran management all teams should maintain strict discipline (No Fights, Heated Arguments, Car Horn etc.) during the tournament
22. NRR will be calculated by this online tool https://www.easycalculation.com/sports/net-run-rate-calculator.php

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