Imran Jowher brings to you the much awaited colored corporate cricket with vibrant colors and state of the art arrangements for unlimited cricket delight !

DECCAN PREMIERE LEAGUE would be the one of its kind T20 cricket tournament which will be played in colored team uniforms & white cricket balls, on excellent ground with a well laid pitch. STANDARDS AND REGULATION
Date of commencement
October 2014 (matches only on weekends)
Contact details
Mr.Imran Jowher 9885808420,
Umpiring & officials
the best HCA Umpires, official & scorers for all games
SV cricket ground, SSR Cricket ground,
Coloured team uniform dresses for all teams.
Uniform offered
This being 1st event with colored dresses DPL feels proud to offer all the teams with a uniform color t-shits from a wide range of vibrant colors making sure that all the teams can just enjoy cricket without worrying about making and running around for the new attire .
Rs.26,500/- ( INCLUDING uniform T-shirts for all teams)
6 teams in a group, top teams qualify for knock out
No of Matches
Min 5 matches guaranteed while qualifying teams play knock-outs
Match Balls (white)
HIGH QUALITY WHITE CRICKET BALLS , (Robinsons english,SG Club,Matrrixx Club or customised made especially made for DPL.


Trophy for the winners & Runner up.

Special prizes for special achievements I.e hat trick, fastest 50 & 100, 5 wckt
Special features
VIDEO COVERAGE, In dept statistics,wagon,wheesl,graph, worms,Manhattan chart etc posted online on facebook,youtube, and website.

Any person who is well versed with leather ball cricket may take part.
CURRENT Hyderabad Cricket Association or other BCCI related leagues PLAYERS STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED (minimum 12 months cooling period mandatory)
Violation of this rule attracts the teams the penalty of that specific game points to be given to the opponent team and the player banned for 12 months .

SHORT CUT RULES : (check list of quick reference to important rules)
All matches will be played with official T20 rules
20 overs a side.
Maximum 4 overs per bowler
Maximum 2 fielders outside the circle during power play (first 6 overs)
Maximum 5 fielders outside the circle after power play.
Free hit for overstepping no ball
One bouncer per over
Super Over to be played in case of a tie in all games.

For more rules, please check :

Important information
No current official HCA league players allowed,? teams found breaking this rule would be disqualified without refunds.?
All Captains must submit a copy of a photo ID of all players of their team. A? company ID card,? license, passport, PAN card etc are acceptable ID cards. This will be used if we need to verify the current HCA status of any player.
Smoking is strictly not allowed on? the playing field.
Alcohol is? strictly? not allowed? anywhere on the venue..
Football style booking to be introduced, players could be given a yellow or red card for abuse, fighting, ball tampering etc. The Umpire or/and referee will inform the captain and post the card info on the website.
Red Card - Player is removed from the game immediately and banned for one match after that, the team continues to play with 10 players.
Yellow Card - Player is allowed to continue in the game but if a player gets 2 yellow cards in the tournament then he is banned for the next match.
All Captains must register and enter the full names of all 16 players. In advance
Teams must arrive at the ground 30 mins before the scheduled start time. Team sheets to be handed over 20 mins before the start.
The toss will happen 15 minutes before the scheduled start time and the fielding team must be on the field 7 minutes before start.
The first ball must be bowled at the scheduled start. strict adherence to this order is highly essential.
Sides will be changed every 5 overs.
Teams will need to pay the full amount before the pay by date before tournament start.

Rain or other delays related rules
-Partial washout -Minimum 5 over game needs to happen to be counted, DL or Normal method applies.
Complete Washout -During league stages - points shared between teams after 2 group reserve days
During knockout - Reserve day to be sought (if a reduced match can be played then it will be prefered


Using the schedule of activities given at the bottom would help us start the matches on time.

After the "scheduled starting time of match " the Umpires could start giving penalties for any delays,
the teams must finish all? activities? like toss, giving the playing 11, padding up etc before the start time, else the penalties could be applied.
Penalties could be given even if teams do not arrive enough in advance to finish the toss, padding up etc before the start time.

If both teams cause delays - 1 over reduced from both sides for every 10 minutes delay.
If one team causes delay - 1 over reduced for every 5 minutes delay.

A minimum of 8 players required to commence the match.

Umpires are the sole authority on the field till the game finishes,? applying any penalty or giving any grace period is up to their discretion; grace period will never be more than 10 minutes.

Reporting time @ the venue
07:10:00 AM
10:30:00 AM
02:10:00 PM
Handing over the players 11 list to officials
07:15:00 AM
10:35:00 AM
02:15:00 PM
07:18:00 AM
10:38:00 AM
02:18:00 PM
Fielding team to get on the ground
07:20:00 AM
10:40:00 AM
02:20:00 PM
Batsmen walk on to the pitch
07:25:00 AM
10:42:00 AM
02:25:00 PM
Play begins \ first ball to be bowled
07:30:00 AM
10:45:00 AM
02:30:00 PM

Please Contact us for entry into this tournament and for sponsoring this event.

*Conditions apply
**strict adherence to the rules ensures a proper cricket tournament for everyone to enjoy.

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