Cricket World Cup (1975 to 2015) complete story for cricket fans
Cricket World Cup (1975 to 2015) complete story for cricket fans

World wide Cricket Museums

   Author: CricTrophy Team Published Date: 07/05/2015

Cricket is World most popular game, but many people doesn’t know much about cricket museums. In this article we bring some famous Cricket Museum list for cricket fans. In this list every cricket museum it own identity. In India cricket more popular, its dominated all sports & games, country like India, cricket treated like as religion

Blades of glory Museum: Which is located in Pune, India. The museum started by Rohan Pate and museum inaugurated by Sachin Tendulkar 2012.

Blades of glory Museum in Pune

Few highlights in this Museum:

- Collections of Cricket stuff: Famous Player’s singed bat’s, balls, T-shirts, Pads, helmets etc...
- Sir Don Bradman Signed Bat
- Sachin Tendulkar Special gallery
- Special Photo Gallery collections: India at World cup 1983 and 2011
- World Cup winning team Captain’s signed bat
This is few list, apart from they are many attractions in the museum.

Bradman Museum: It is located in Sydney, Australia. its the home of cricket memories here you can see.

Bradman Museum  in Sydney, Australia

Few highlights in Museum:

-Don Bradman Collections
-Bradman's First cricket bat
-Interactive touch screens
-Huge video screen explain the world cricket history.
This is sample list, apart from they are many attractions in the museum.

MCC Museum (Marylebone Cricket Club), London: The Museum was opened by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh in year of 1953. It's most historical cricket museum in the world. MCC Museum collections included from year 1864.

MCC Museum (Marylebone Cricket Club), London

Few attractions:

-All the collections related cricket over 140 years
- The Ashes Urn
-Indian team Captian Kapil Dev World cup lifted in 1983
- Cricket Kits (Bats, balls, glosses, pads, helmets, wickets used by greatest players of all time, Bradman, Jack Hobbs, Shane Warne)
- Cricket related paintings
- Brain Johanston Memorial Theater
- Video footage of some of the greatest players performance
- Latest Interactive touch screens

Cricket World Cup (1975 to 2015) complete story for cricket fans

   Author: CricTrophy Team Published Date: 23/1/2015

 First Cricket World Cup 1975:

The First Cricket World Cup held in 1975 at England, also called Prudential cup and scheduled between 7th June to 21 June 1975. Total 8 teams are participated. The teams from Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies, Sri Lanka, East Africa are divided into 2 groups . Tournament format is round robin and knockout style. Overs Limit each side 60 (sixty).

first cricket world cup lifted by Clive Lloyd

Few Highlights of the tournament : The Indian Legend cricketer Sunil Gavaskar made 36 runs for 174 balls and played 60 overs. The First Cricket World Cup in 1975 is won by West Indies and the Captain is Clive Lloyd. West Indies team won the finals against Australia in Lords cricket ground, England.
Final Scores Summary:
West Indies Batted first they made 291/8 (60 overs)
Australia reply 274 all out in 58.4 overs
1975 World Cup Most runs made by Glenn Turner.
1975 World Cup Most wickets taken by Gary Glimour 11 wickets.

 Second Cricket World Cup 1979:

The Second World cup held in 1979 at England. The Second World Cup in 1979 also called Prudential Cup. Same like 1975 World Cup, In this event total 8 teams participated, tournament scheduled from 9th June to 23rd June 1979. Total 8 teams, 2 groups, each group had 4 teams. Overs Limit each side 60 Overs. Again West Indies won the World Cup, Clive Lloyd is Captian. World Cup Finals held in 23 June 1979 between West Indies and England.

1979 cricket world cup lifted by Clive Lloyd

Final Scores Summary:
West Indies Made: 286/9 (60 overs)
England all out at 194 for 51 Overs.
Most runs in tournament: Gordon Greenidge 253 runs (West Indies)
Most Wickets in tournament: Mike Hendrick 10 Wickets (England)

 Third Cricket ICC World Cup 1983:

Third Cricket World Cup held in 1983 at England and also known as Prudential cup. 1983 World cup Scheduled form 9th June to 25 june 1983. Total 8 teams participated. Over limit 60 Overs each side. Teams in Group A: England, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Group B: India, West Indies, Australia, Zimbabwe. Tournament style Double round robin and Knockout. West Indies missed the third time champion ship. Surprisingly non exceptional team India won the Prudential World Cup in 1983. Kapil Dev is the capitan of Indian Team. Finals held in 25th June,1983 at lords, England.

cricket world cup 1983 lifted by Kapil Dev,India team

Final Scores Summary:
India loss the toss and batted first
India Made: 183 in 54.4 Overs
West Indies: 140 all out in 52 Overs.
Krishnamachari Srikanth (India Team) highest scorer in finals, made 38 runs in 57 balls with 7 fours and 1 six.
Most runs by: David Gower (384) England
Most wickets taken by: Roger Binny (18) India

 Fourth Cricket ICC World Cup 1987:

The Fourth Cricket World Cup in 1987 Jointly hosted by Nations India & Pakistan. 1989 World cup dates between 8th October to 8th November 1987, tournament organized by ICC. Overs limit decreased from 60 to 50 in 1987 World Cup. The World Cup sponsored by Reliance Group. Total 8 teams into 2 groups. Group A: India, Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe. Group B: England, West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. Australia won the 1987 Reliance Cricket World Cup against England in finals which was held in Eden Gardens cricket grounds, Kolkata, India.

1987 cricket world cup champion Australia

Final Scores Summary:
Finals held 8th November 1987 at Eden Gradens, Kolkata, India
Australia team won the toss and elected bat first
Australia Score: 253/5 in 50 Overs
England Score: 246/8 in 50 Overs.
Most runs by: Graham Gooch (England) 471
Most Wickets taken by: Craig McDermott (Australia) 18

 Fifth Cricket World Cup 1992:

The fifth World Cup hosted jointly by Countries Australia, New Zealand. 1992 World Cup was Started from 22 Febuary 1992 and finals held from 25th march 1992. Tournament format Round-robin and Knockout, This time total 9 teams participated. South Africa Cricket Team added in 1992 World Cup. Total matches Played were 39. First time dress code was introduced for all teams. Matches held under floodlights. Pakistan won the 1992 World cup against England in finals.

1992 world cup champions Pakistan

Final Scores Summary:
Finals between Pakistan Vs England held at Melbourne Cricket ground, Australia
Pakistan batted First: 249/6 in 50
England all out: 227 in 49.2 Overs.
Most runs by: Martin Crowe 456 (Newzealand)
Most Wickets by: Washim Akram 18 (Pakistan)

 Sixth Cricket World Cup 1996:

The Sixth World Cup hosted by 3 Nations India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, World Cup Stated from 14th February to 17th March 1996. This time teams increcased. Total teams 12. Official sponsers for 1996 World Cup ITC's Wills. Winner of 1996 World Cup was Sri Lanka. Before starting the tournament some controversy started the teams West Indies, Australia refused to play in Sri Lanka due to secutrity reasons (central banking bombing by tamil tigers (LTT) in the year starting january 1996 in Sri Lanka) Teams in Group Wise: Group-A. India, Sri Lanka, Austrailia, West Indies, Zimbabwe. Group B- South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand, England, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands. Four teams Sri Lanka, India, West Indies, Australia reached semi finals. India, West Indies lost in semi finals. Sri Lanka and Australia reached finals.

1996 world cup champions Sri Lanka

Final Scores Summary:
Finals held in 17th march 1996 at Gaddafi Cricket Stadium, Lahore Pakistan.
Sri Lanka team won the toss and select to field first
Australia Scores: 241-7 in 50 overs
Sri Lanka Scores: 245/3 in 46.2 overs.
Aravinda De Silva mada 107 runs in 124 balls in finals.
Most runs in 1996 world cup: Sachin Tendulkar 523 (India)
Most Wicket by Anil Kumble 15 (India)
Man of the Series: Sanath Jayasurya (Sri Lanka)

 Seventh Cricket World Cup 1999:

7th World Cup in 1999 also known as ICC Cricket World Cup 1999 held in England. The World Cup 1999 Champion is Australia. Total 12 teams Participated, divided into 2 groups. The 7th Cricket World Cup scheduled from 14th May 1999 to 20th June 1999. Group A: India, Sri Lanka, England, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya Group B: Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh, Scotland Teams in semi finals reached New Zealand, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa Final held 20th June 1999 between: Pakistan and Australia at lords cricket ground, London, England

1999 world cup champion Australia

Final Scores Summary:
Pakistan batted first: 132 all out in 39 Overs.
Australia : 133/2 in 20.1 Overs
Man of the series for 1999 World cup: Lance Klusener (South Africa)
Most Runs Player: 461 Rahul Dravid (India)
Most Wickets Player: 20 Wickets by Shane Warne (Australia),
20 Wickets by Geoff Allott (New Zealand)

 Eighth Cricket World Cup 2003:

The 8th ICC World Cup jointly orgnized in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya from 9th February to 23rd March 2003. Over Limit for each side 50 Overs. The format is Round-Robin and Knockout. Total 14 Nations Participated in this event.Two groups A and B. In Group A: India, Australia, Pakistan, England, Zimbabwe, Netherland, Namibia. Group B: Sri Lanka, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh, Canada, Kenya. Total matches played: 54. Teams reached semi finals were: Australia, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka Australia won the 2003 World Cup defeating the India in finals. Finals held 23rd march 2003 at Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa. India won the toss and team captian Ganguly selected to field first.

2003 cricket world cup champion Australia

Final Scores Summary:
Australia Score: 359/2 in 50 Overs.
India Score: 234 all out in 39.1 Overs.
Man of the Series: Sachin Tendulkar
Most Runs by in the 8th World Cup 2003: Sachin Tendulkar (673)India
Most Wickets by in the 8th World Cup 2003: Chaminda Vaas (23)Sri Lanka

 Ninth Cricket World Cup 2007:

The 9th ICC Cricket World Cup hosted in West Indies for the first time. Total 16 teams participated. total matches played are 51. The 9th ICC Cricket World cup scheduled from 13th march to 28 April 2007. Over Limit each side 50. First time in the world cup 16 teams divided in 5 Groups A,B,C,D. Group A: Australia, South Africa, Netherlands, Scotland Group B: India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bermuda Group C: England New Zealand, Kenya, Canada Group D: West Indies, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Ireland Top 2 teams group wise reached Super 8 berth or Stage. Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand reached Semifinals Sri Lanka & Australia reached to final Australia won the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup by 4th time

2007 ICC cricket world cup champion Australia

Final Scores Summary:
Australia batted first: 281/4 38 Overs.
Sri Lanka 215/8 in 36 Overs.
* Using the method D/L Australia won the cup by 53 runs.
Man of the Series by Australia Player Glenn McGrath
Top runs by: Mathew Hayden 659 (Australia)
Most Wickets taken by: Glenn McGrath-26 (Australia Team)

 Tenth ICC Cricket World Cup 2011:

The Tenth ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 jointly hosted India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. Tournament Scheduled from 19th February 2011 to 2nd April 2011. Overs Limit each side 50. 14 Nations Participated in this event. Total matches Played are 49. The official mascot for Tenth World Cup is Stumpy. In the world cup history first time two Asia nations reached the final. 2 Groups in the 10th ICC Cricket World Cup Group A: Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Canada, Kenya Group B: India, England, South Africa, West Indies, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Ireland Indian won the 2nd time World Cup. Four Nations: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand reached the semi finals India, Sri Lanka reached the final

2011 cricket world cup champions India

Final Scores Summary:
The match held 2nd April at Wankhede Cricket Stadium, Mumbai, India
Its Day and Night Match
Sri Lanka batted first 274/6 in 50 Overs
India: 277/4 in 48.2 Overs
Man of Series won by: Yuvraj Singh(India)
Most runs by: Tukajaratbe Dilshan (500) Sri Lanka
Most Wicket By: Zaheer Khan (21) India, Shahid Afridi (21) Pakistan

 Eleventh ICC Cricket World Cup 2015:

11th ICC Cricket World Cup Jointly hosted Nations Australia and New Zealand. The Tournament Schedule from 14th February to 29th March 2015. 14 teams participated this time ICC World Cup 2015. Total 49 matches played. Overs limit for each side game is 50. The format of the game is round-robin cum knockout style. Winners Prize money for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: US Dollar 3,975,000. Final was held in 29th March 2015 at Melbourne Cricket Grounds, Australia.

2015 ICC Cricket World Cup won by Australia, Australia and New Zealand reached the finals, semifinal between India and Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

2015 ICC Cricket World Cup won by Australia

From group A teams: New Zealand, Australia, Srilanka, Bangladesh, From Group B teams: India, South Africa, Pakistan, West Indies teams reached quarter finals. West Indies, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh lost their quarter final matches.

India, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa reached the semi finals.India lost semi final match against Australia another semifinals match between South Africa vs New Zealand. South Africa Lost in semi finals match.

Finals between Australia and New Zealand held 29th march, 2015 at melbore cricket grounds Australia. New Zealand won the toss and elected batted first and made runs 183/10 in 45 overs. In reply Australia reached target very easily in 33.1 overs 186/3 became champions of Cricket world cup 2015

Highlights of Cricket World Cup 2015
Cricket Fans enjoyed a lot in few matches particularly semi finals between New Zealand and South Africa.
World cup 2015 only one match lost teams: India, New Zealand, Australia
Australia won the world cup 5th time.
India, New Zealand, overall performance good India loss one match in semifinals, same way New Zealand lost their match in final. South Africa teams also performed well.

2015 cricket world cup Total Centuries: 38
2015 cricket world cup Double centuries : 2
2015 cricket world cup 400 plus scores : 2 times
2015 cricket world cup Highest runs by: Martin Guptill (547) New Zealand
2015 cricket world cup highest wickets : Skart boult 22 2015 cricket world cup Highest individual score: Martin Guptill 237 not out New Zealand 2015 cricket world cup Highest score: 417/6 (Australia)
2015 cricket world cup Highest sixers by: 26 Gayle,(West Indies Team)
2015 cricket world cup Highest fours: 59, Martin Guptill , New Zealand
2015 cricket world cup best bowling: 7/33 Southee, New Zealand
2015 cricket world cup highest Centuries: 4 Kumar Sangakkara (Srilanka)
2015 cricket world cup best bowling average :10.18(Strac) (Australia)

Total 93,013 viewed live from stadium in final (2015 cricket world cup) between Australia and New Zealand
Cricket World Cup 2019 will be held at countries England and Wales, The schedule from 30th May to 15th July 2019.

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