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Information about Cricket:

Cricket is an open air game played on a grass field by the two teams of 11 players each with bats, wickets and a ball where the purpose of the game being to score more runs than the opponent team.

Based on toss one team chooses to bat and the other team to field. Two batsman of the team who choose to bat appear on the ground along with the fielding team to start the match. Each of the batsmen takes their position at the crease to face the bowling of opponentís team and the fielding team takes their positions to limit the runs of the batsman and also play to dismiss the batsman in making further runs. The two batsman play the match in accumulating runs to the team by striking the ball towards the boundary in making four or six runs or run between the wickets. This continues until any of the batsmen is dismissed. According to the Players order the next batsman of the team enters the field to continue the match. The match is played until the specified overs are completed or until all the team batsmen are dismissed. The score made by the team sets as the target to the other team. Now the two teams change their roles and chase for the target.

Popularity of the Cricket The game gained its popularity in the†Indian subcontinent, Australia,†England, West Indies and South Africa.

Types of Cricket matches

ODI: One Day International
Matches are played by the International teams where the match is placed between the teams on one single day. The overs of the match are set to 50.So within the specified overís the one who out beats the score of the other teams is the winner of the match.

Test Match
A test match takes place between any two international sides where each team plays two innings and try to score more runs than the opposition and the overs played are not limited. The match is played for a maximum of 5 days.

The overs of the match are set to 20. So within the specified overs the one who out beats the score of the other teams is the winner of the match.

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