PAG Premier League
PAG Premier League Rules|

PAG Premier League


 Tournament will be played starting from 13th Mar 2015. The competition will be on a league system basis. Games will start at 7.00 am sharp.

 Tournament entry fees will be KD35/- and is not refundable under any circumstances.

 Prizes to be won: -
? Winners will be awarded with KD175/- and attractive trophy
? Runners up will be awarded with KD125/- and attractive trophy
? Man of the match (all matches)
? Man of the series
? Bowler of the tournament
? Batsman of the tournament

 Teams should arrive on the ground at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. A grace period of 15 min will be given for teams arriving late, after which team present on the ground will be declared as winner and will be awarded 2 points. There will be ZERO tolerance for teams coming late; hence, playing teams are strictly advised to report on the ground on time to avoid being disqualified.

 Any game will not be cancelled or abandoned due to bad weather or similar conditions, unless specifically notified by the organizers to the team captains. Teams are expected to report on time regardless of the weather conditions, failing to do so the team will have forfeited the game and the team present on the ground will be declared as winner and given 2 points.

 In case of bad weather, umpires will take the final call on abandoning the game. In case the game is abandoned, each team will get 1 point and the game will not be replayed.

 All the games will be limited over?s with each team playing 8 over?s each, where each bowler can bowl maximum of two over?s.

 If any match in the league stage is a tie, both teams will be awarded 1 point each. In the Semi-Finals and Finals, if the game is a tie, a SUPER OVER will be played to decide the winner. If the SUPER OVER is also a tie, then the team loosing fewer wickets in the main game will be the winner. If both teams have lost the same number of wickets, then the winner will be decided by a fresh TOSS.

 NO LBW decision will be counted.

 NO BALL will be declared when, (i) the bowler's front foot oversteps the front line or back leg touches side line, (ii) the delivery rises above batsman's shoulder height, (iii) a full toss is bowled over batsman's waist height and (iv) A free hit will be given on NO Ball if the bowler oversteps.

 In event of any objection during the play, only the Captain of the concerned team is allowed to discuss it with the Umpires, any player other than the Captain will not at all be entertained. Any other player disobeying on the field will not be allowed to play further games during this tournament.

 Fielding restrictions have been imposed in all the games whereby, during the mandatory power play maximum 2 players are allowed outside the circle and a minimum of 4 players are required inside the circle during the rest of the game. Each 8 over match will have 2 over?s mandatory power play at the start.

 Umpires decision will be considered as final, any arguments with the umpire may lead to disqualification of the team from the tournament. Also the arguing team will be penalized by short balls or extra runs depending on the situation and umpires decision.

 Grouping and schedules are solely at discretion of the organizers and no discussion whatsoever on these matters will be entertained.

 Each team is required to provide names of a maximum of 15 players. Any player outside of the 15 names given will not be allowed to play. A minimum of 9 players are required for a game to commence.

 Before every game, the playing 11 have to be marked and notified to the organizers.

 Substitute player will only be allowed upon the consent of the umpire. Substitute player should be again from the 15 member squad. Runner for a batsman will be allowed only on serious circumstances. Final decision will be taken by umpires/organizing committee only.

 Substitute will only be allowed to field. Batting and bowling of the substitute player is not permitted.

 Throw balling or chucking of the ball is not permitted at all during any game. If all the three umpires find any bowler throwing or chucking, he will give one warning to the bowler after which the delivery will be declared as a NO BALL. If bowler is still found throwing or chucking the ball bowler will be banned for the whole tournament wherein the bowler can?t bowl a single ball for the rest of the tournament.

 If a ball is found damaged by the umpires, then the previous delivery will be considered a DEAD BALL and a replaced ball will be provided as per choice of the umpires.

 Players only from Konkan Region will be allowed to play in this tournament.

 Any kind of gloves will not be allowed for any players during the match.

 No player will be allowed to leave the ongoing match till its completion. If any team fails to obey this rule, that team will be penalized.

 Organizers reserve the right to change the venue, date and time of matches at short notice.

 Organizing committee has the right to oversight umpires decision in certain conditions and that will be the final decision.

 For any further clarification please feel free to contact the below organizing committee:

? Sajid Kaskar : 97869202
? Imran Kaskar : 65578578
? Zaheer Koltharkar : 99001666

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