Xavient Premier league
Xavient Premier league Rules| Crictrophy.com

1. XPL is only for Xavinites and no other person would be allowed to participate.
2. 12 overs per side match.
3. One bowler can bowl 3 overs max.
4. Each team will bat for one over in case of tie.
5. In case of overstepping and declared no ball, there will be a free hit.
6. There will be 3 overs Power play in this edition of XPL. First two overs will be mandate for the bowling side and only two players will be allowed outside the inner circle & the third over of the power play will be on the discretion of Batting side, they can take the same at any time during their inning by intimating the umpire, three players will be allowed outside the inner circle.
7. Runner will be allowed on the discretion of opposite team's captain.
8. Every player should come in T-shirt & Lower during XPL Matches.
9. At least 8 players should be on ground to start the match. Other 3 players must join before completing 7 overs otherwise match will be played with 8 players. No Rematch will be allowed.
10. If any team (at least 8 players) reaches more than 30 minutes late from match starting time, will get penalty with minus .5 point. Example If that team will win, it will get 3 point not 4; losing team will get -.5 points
11. If any team wants to play with a new player, his nomination should be sent to Xav sports a working day before latest by 2: PM
12. At least 14 players should play at least one of the matches in the entire tournament. This will be checked in semifinals and will be restricted in semifinals. Example, If from a team 12 players have played until semifinals, 2 new players should play in semifinal match otherwise that team will have to play with 9 players only (14-2).
13. In the event of walkover, the team taking Walk over will be awarded full winning points (without bonus) and net run rate will be calculated on the basis of following rule:

Net run rate awarded = Highest run rate in any of the played matches (Team taking Walk over) ? Lowest run rate in any of the played matches (Team giving Walk over)

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