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HCPL-2017( 05/Apr/2017 - 04/May/2017 ) All Seasons

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Final Results

Final Results


Winners: MR Runners : Syngo.via Best Batsman: Karthik Bes ...

Fixtures & match org ...

Fixtures & match org ...


Refer to the picture for the time table, match organizers an ...

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Top players:

Best batsmen:

Player(Team) Matches Runs Balls 4s 6s Avg Rank
C, Karthik  (syngo Via)C, Karthik (syngo Via)617500029.21
Shashwat Bajpai (MR)Shashwat Bajpai (MR)615100025.22
Anand Hegde (Team Play)Anand Hegde (Team Play)312300041.03
MaheshSarangi (CT)MaheshSarangi (CT)410100025.34
Saket (USD)Saket (USD)59400018.85

Most 6s:

Player(Team) Matches 6s Runs Balls 4s Avg Rank

Most 4s:

Player(Team) Matches 4s Runs Balls 6s Avg Rank

Best bowlers:

Player(Team) Matches Overs Wickets Maidens Runs Avg Rank
Sakthivel Murugan, N (syngo Via)Sakthivel Murugan, N (syngo Via)612.090616.81
Ambati, Ramesh (syngo Via)Ambati, Ramesh (syngo Via)612.090798.82
Soundhar (CT)Soundhar (CT)47.280425.33
Vishwas (USD)Vishwas (USD)59.070426.04
R.B Rajeesh (DX)R.B Rajeesh (DX)36.060325.35

Most catches:

Player(Team) Matches Catches Rank
  Last updated: 04-May-2017
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