Shannon Premier League
Shannon Premier League Rules|

1) 9 players a Side. Minimum 7 (6 guys + 1 girl) players required to be eligible for playing.
2) 9 overs a side. 2 overs max allowed per bowler.
3) First 2 overs mandated for girls
a) For both overs, minimum 4 players should be on boundary lines.
b) if both girls from same team are not playing, then other team gets 2points without been played.
c) every score she scores, it is *2 times.
d) if she gets out, it is -2 from their team score and she will be continued to bat further
e) girl bowls to girls only.
f) wide and no-balls is considered as 1run only. Overstepping is not considered as no-ball.
g) No-ball is considered as free-hit.
h) pitch size will be reduced for girls.
i) No limit on number of overs girl will be bowling
4) No-ball will be free hit.
5) over-throws are allowed and leg-byes are not allowed & run-out also not allowed during leg-byes
6) Tie match will decide on super over( 1 Over). In case of Super over also ties, then both teams will be given 1 point each in league matches only.
In semis/finals, in case of super over also ties then winners will be decided based on toss.
7) Any team reporting after the match timing will get reduced overs. Only Guys allocated overs will be reduced, one over will be reduced for each 5mins delay.
Delay in reporting (15 minutes) may give walk over to opponent OR decision will made by the management
8) Mandtory 1 challenging over should be there in innings, rules for challenging over will be updated before tournament starts
9) Each win is considered as 2 points and draw is considered as 1point. Top two teams from each group will go semi-finals.
In case of same points, then Net Run Rate will be considered for top 2 teams.
10) Bi-Runners are not allowed. Some exceptions are allowed for which decision will be taken by umpires.
11) umpire decision is final decision.
12) match will be played with vicky-medium weight ball. New ball will be given for each innings beginning.
13) committee decision is final decision.

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