Nongin presents BK TROPHY 2015
BK TROPHY 2015 Rules| Crictrophy.com

• The tournament shall be known as Nongin Presents BK Trophy 2014 the 6th State Level Open Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament.
• The tournament will be conducted on league cum knockout basis.
• If a team fails to report even after 30 minutes of the scheduled time, the Over Deduction Penalty will be awarded.
• A player can participate in only one team. Each team should register all of its players with a copy of passport size photograph.
• Players of a team should be in uniform dress. No player will be allowed to play without shoes / playing kits. Players in improper uniform are not allowed to play.
• No Team is allowed to play in white uniform dress.
• The venue of the match shall be the Irilbung High School Ground, Irilbung.
• In case a match is abandoned due to rain, bad light, or any other reasons, the winner will be the side with higher overall run rate.
• Disputes will be settled by the organizers in consultation with the umpires.
• The organizers reserves the right to frame/change/modify any of the rules at any stage of the tournament, if found necessary with prior information.
• In case of Foot fault no ball, free hit will be given to the bats man in the ball following the no ball.
• In league round, winner will get 2 points while loser will not get any points. In case a match ends in a tie, it is broken with a one over per side - 'Eliminator' or 'Super Over'.
• One short-pitched ball is allowed per over.
• If, and only if, each of the two teams has faced (or had the opportunity to face) five overs, will be a match deemed to have played.
• If more than one team is having the same no. of point’s pool winner will be decided on the basis of better Net run rate.
• Initial round will be played on league basis.
• All matches will consist of one innings per side, each innings being limited to a maximum of 20 over’s.
• No bowler shall bowl more than 4 over’s in an innings.
• At the instant of delivery, there may not be more than 5 fieldsmen.

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