Compre Premier League
Compre Premier League Rules|

1. The CPL will comprise six (6) teams.
2. These teams will be drawn into two (2) groups, A and B, consisting of three (3) teams per group.
3. The competition will be played in two (2) stages ? a Group stage and then a Knockout stage.
4. In the Group stage, EACH team in a group will play each other ONCE, with the top two (2) teams from EACH group advancing to the Knockout stage.
5. The Knockout Stage will consist of the following games:
a. Two (2) Semi Finals where A1 will play B2 and A2 will play B1.
b. A 3rd Place Game with the losers of both Semis.
c. A Grand Final with the winners of both Semis.
6. ALL current school cricketers will be randomly drawn onto the 6 teams in an effort to ensure a level playing field.
7. Teams will consist of a maximum of thirteen (13) registered players. NO player is allowed to represent more than ONE team.
8. Player recruitment will be governed by the following stipulations:
a. There will be NO age restrictions on players.
b. Teams can comprise both male and female players.
c. NO Form 5 and 6 students are allowed to take part as players since they have ongoing examinations.
9. Each team may enlist the services of a Team Manager based on the following guidelines:
a. Managers may be members of Staff OR Form 5 and 6 students.
b. The members of the Cricket Management team and P.E. Dept. are NOT available as managers.
10. The following concessions apply to ALL female players:
a. If a female player is on strike facing a male bowler then the bowler MUST deliver the ball with a proper ROUND ARM BOWLING ACTION.
b. If a female player is bowling to a male player then that player MUST switch hands, which means if he is normally right handed, he must now strike the ball left handed.
11. Matches will be eight (8) overs a side in duration. If the team batting first is bowled out in LESS than 8 overs, then the other team will STILL have their full allotment of 8 overs to make the required runs.
12. Starting line ups for a match will follow these provisions:
a. Each team will consist of eleven (11) players.
b. A team will be allowed to play with NO FEWER THAN EIGHT (8) players.
c. ANY team that plays with LESS than 11 players will forfeit five (5) runs to their opponents.
d. If BOTH teams have less than 11 players then EACH team will forfeit five (5) runs to the other team.
13. EACH bowler may bowl NO MORE THAN ONE (1) over per game. Bowlers may deliver the ball with ANY action they choose EXCEPT in an ?underarm? manner. NB the ?free hit? rule WILL be enforced for any front-foot no-balls.
14. ALL fair play rules will be STRICTLY enforced. The Umpire?s decision is FINAL and must be respected at all times.

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