IT-Premier League
IT-Premier League Rules|


1) Tournament is only open to players from QR-IT, HIA-IT, QR-IT consultants.
2) Captains should announce the playing 11 before the match starts at the registration point.
3) Each captain should exchange the team names with the opposing captains during toss.
4) Each team will have 11 players on the field, and other players who are not in the playing 11 can be maintained only for substitute fielding, they will not be allowed to bat, bowl or keep wickets.
5) Once a player plays for a team he will not be allowed to transfer from one team to another for this league.
6) Captains to form the teams considering the fact that sufficient IT support (DR) can be provided while matches are ongoing.
7) Any staff who joined the IT Department in the mid of tournament is welcome to be the part of the cricket league.

Playing Gear and Jerseys

1) The tournament will be played using Hard Tennis Balls which will be provided to each captain.
2) Please note that the committee will not provide any playing gear except the balls used for the matches.
3) Playing Kit will be the responsibility of respective teams.
4) Stumps will be provided by the Organisers.

Field rules:

1) For league matches (15 over format), each bowler is allocated a maximum of 3 overs
2) There will be fielding restriction as minimum of 2 players should always be inside the inner circle throughout the game.
3) The Field Circle marking should be done prior to the starting of game with mutual consent of both the captains.
4) There will not be any LBW's.
5) There will be runs on Leg Byes, bye runs, over throws.
6) Every NO ball is followed by a free hit.

Scoring Procedure and Umpires:

The batting team will be responsible for maintaining the score sheet of their innings. Once Innings is completed, the score sheet will be submitted with a sign off from the opposing team captain (should be easier than requirements sign-off). The batting team should announce scores after each over. To ensure sportsmanship and equal opportunity, umpiring should be done by Individual Batting teams, with each team sharing the honors for the same. Note: Umpires Decision will be treated as final, and any appeal should be lodged with the Committee after the completion of the day?s proceedings.


1) Best Batsman of the Series (Till League Matches).
2) Best Bowler of the Series (Till League Matches).
3) Best All Rounder of the Series (Till Final Match).
4) Man of the Match ( Only for Final Match).
5) Best Wicket Keeper (Till League Matches).
6) Fastest 50 (Till Final Match).
7) Fastest 100 (Till Final Match).
8) Other Appreciations / Fair Play Awards to Individuals & Umpires.

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