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A brief introduction about us , Samanvaya is a non governmental organization registered under societies act XXI of 1860. The main motto of Samanvaya is to provide economic independence mostly to disabled, women, poor and orphaned children of a society.
The different programs of Samanvaya ensures
? Social welfare of the society
? Economic and educational development
? Health care programs in the society
As Samanvaya is devoted towards the development of the society, we firmly believe in providing work opportunities to the rural poor people. For this we encourage new and alternate practices/methods and technologies in industries, agriculture, horticulture, floriculture and other fields of economic development.
Samanvaya also works for educational development program. We promote technical and vocational education emphasizing rural areas and tribal children. We organize and facilitate study courses, public debates, Art Competition, Science Exhibition, workshop and conferences in any field having covered under the aims and objects of the society.
In this year we are planning to reiterate the same event called ? A Hope? . As you know, financial support is extremely important to make this event success, as we rely on donations to provide services in the community that are greatly needed.

As you may aware that , last 2 consecutive years we had made a great assist to Sishugram Orphan child by providing them essential goods as a donation and good counseling through IIT students.

This year we are re planning to organize the same event ?A Hope? in association with Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati to benefit those people who are living in old age home and detach from their family. Though those homes have provided a safe shelter but most of the time they are unable to get their basic needs due to lack of fund and also the dignity and respects they deserve. The funds provided by this event will be used to provide blankets, cloths, Wheel Chairs and some basic day to day goods. It will help them to learn that it does not have to hurt to be alone, and that there are people in the community who care about them to know that they matter in our community.

This event consists of charitable matches between Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (Faculty Staff, Student) and some notable cricketers from Guwahati region and will be started on 13th Feb 2016 till 13th March 2016. All matches are held at IIT Guwahati Cricket Ground including the final match, also a final event will be organized to donate cloths and other essential for the boarders of the some old age home based in Guwahati.

This time the event ? A Hope ? will attract more attendees, but we depend on the added support from the corporate organization like you. Our organization?s ability to continue to operate is due in large part to the generous support of individual donors who believe in our mission, as well as gifts from businesses and corporations.

Contact :
Contact person : Avisekh Gogoi
Email : samanvaya.infoghy@gmail.com
Phone : NA
Address : Guwahati
Website : NA
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/samanvayaghy/?fref=ts

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