BCCPL 2016
BCCPL 2016 Rules| Crictrophy.com

1 Each team can have a maximum 15 players
2 Maximum players (11) are allowed to play. Substitute will be allowed to field.
3 12 overs per match. It might be reduced if there is a delay in starting a match.
4 "If any team (s) late by 15 minutes 1 over will be reduced. 30 minutes late then 2 overs will be reduced .
Committee will be strict on this and no excuses! (During run rate we will consider as 12 over since its individual Team's fault and for not playing on time)"
5 Two bowlers will be allowed a maximum of 3 overs. Others shall bowl 2 overs maximum.
6 No power play restrictions in the tournament.
7 We don?t consider LBW (Leg before wicket) & leg byes.
8 We do consider byes, wide, no balls and overthrow.
9 Scoring is made by committee members/batting teams.
10 Umpire?s decision is final. Umpire may discuss with committee if they need assistance for decision. Even if you are not in unison with decision, you have to accept it and move on. If any issues forgot the same in ground and don?t bring to office. Even international match all happen :)
11 Captain is only allowed to discuss any issue with umpires. At any circumstance, players should not argue with umpires.
12 The match can only be postponed due to inclement weather and wont be changed if team is not unavailable. They have to play at any cost.We wont have any match during long week end!
13 At the end of the first round of matches, if two teams are tied then we will apply run rate to qualify to next round (Quarter or Semi-final).
14 The Team Captain is responsible for informing all of the teammates about when the team will be playing and on what dates.
15 It is the responsibility of both captains to see that decorum is maintained at all times and the spirit of the games is adhered to.
16 The participants must also remember to treat other players with respect as well as have fun.
17 We wont add any new player for Quarter final ,Semi & Final if the qualified team is short in players! The players should have played at least two league matches before he play in Quarter final/Semi else he is disqualified for to play further.(Since we have more than 11 players , we will do match count for substitute if they fielded at least three overs for two matches)
18 Committee has full rights to change schedule/Players(if required)/rules etc.
19 Each Teams should allocate players for umpire for other match as per Committee request.
20 Man of the match will be decided by umpire for each match
21 Fair play award for Captains and Players at the end of tournament.
22 Best Umpire, Best Scorer Award at the end of tournament.
23 Winner & Runner Trophy will be provided at the end of tournament.
24 Membership fee - $20 (per person) and should be paid before playing first match.
25 "Games will be played on weekends and mostly Saturday morning at 730-1130 AM (exclude long-weekends),
If required committee has authority to schedule a match on Friday evening (For Raleigh team)."
26 We wont allow any batsman to bat in second innings if he didnt field atleast an over in first innings.
27 For No Ball - No warning for bowler . First ball itself it will be called as no ball.
28 If any team has less than 11 players and got out before 12 overs then it consider as all out and NRR calculate for 12 overs.

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